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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying New Rims or Wheels for Your Car

Get the Best New Wheels or New Rims in San Diego With These Tips

Your car’s tires connect you to the road. They get you where you need to go safely by allowing your brakes to work properly and helping you navigate twists and turns. Of course, the black rubber that makes contact with the pavement is only part of the equation. Your tires are mounted on rims, which attach to your wheels via spokes.

The rims and wheels that came standard with your car were carefully engineered for optimal road grip and quality. That’s all fine and dandy for the average driver. But for those looking for enhanced driving performance and a striking appearance, buying new rims or wheels can make a huge difference.

At Stereo Depot, we know how important rims and wheels are to your driving safety, comfort, and style. While choosing a sleek design should definitely be part of your buying decision, the type, size, and material of your new rims or wheels are equally as important to how they’ll look and perform on your car.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your rims or wheels, follow our quick guide of everything you need to consider before getting new wheels for your car.

What are car rims?

It’s impossible not to notice a car with shiny, sleek new rims. More than just a striking accessory, rims serve a really important function in making your car drivable and safe. A rim sits on the outer edge of a wheel to hold the tire in place so it can rotate when you step on the gas - a pretty critical piece of the overall driving puzzle.

What’s the difference between rims and wheels?

The terms “rims” and “wheels” are often used interchangeably, but they’re actually different. The rim is one component of a wheel; the other is the disc. The center of the wheel is the hub, which connects the entire wheel to the suspension. Depending on the model, rims and discs may be permanently joined together or detachable.

What to consider when buying new rims or wheels

Single-piece vs. multi-piece wheels

You can buy wheels that have the rim, hub, and spokes permanently attached together in a single piece, or buy wheels that come with each component cast separately. Single-piece wheels are typically more affordable than multi-piece wheels. However, if damage occurs to just one part of a single-piece wheel, the entire wheel has to be replaced.

Matching new rims to your existing tires

We often have people ask us, “Do I have to get new tires with rims?” The simple answer is no, not necessarily. If you want to keep your current tires, your new rims should be the same diameter and width as the old ones. It’s also important to consider bolt or lug patterns. Your vehicle has a certain number of bolts