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Aftermarket Auto & Powersports Air Intakes & Air Filters

Get the Best Aftermarket Cold Air Intakes, Air Intake Systems & Air Filters

Breathe new life into your car’s engine with a new aftermarket air intake system and air filters. A new air intake system will increase airflow which helps maximize acceleration, fuel economy, and torque. Aftermarket reusable air filters are designed to trap debris before it gets sucked into your engine, and don’t need to be replaced, just clean it and reinstall. Not only will an aftermarket air intake system and new air filters improve performance, they make your engine sound louder!


Below are some of the most popular air intake systems and air filters we carry at Stereo Depot.

K&N Intake

When upgrading to a K&N performance air intake system, you’re guaranteed increased horsepower and torque. There’s no ambiguity.

K&N Cold-Air-Intakes

Cold Air Intakes

Washable and reusable air filters improve airflow and capture contaminants to help increase your horsepower and protect your engine.

K&N Air-Filter

Air Filters

Premium powersports performance parts from K&N boost performance and protection in your utility and recreational vehicles.

K&N Powersports

Powersports Air Intakes & Air Filters

S&B Filters

Minimize air restriction and maximize performance with cold air intakes with high-efficiency air filters to protect your engine.

S&B Cold-Air-Intakes

Military-grade air filtration for your UTV helps your air filter stay cleaner, longer to maximize consistent airflow.

S&B Particle-Separator

Replace your factory filter with a premium one from S&B. Choose from reusable or disposable filters.

S&B Filters

Cold Air Intakes

Powersports Intake Particle Separator

Intake Filters

Cobb Tuning

Unlock hidden power and replace conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

COBB Stage-Package

Stage 1 Power Packages

Monitor up to six parameters in real time on an in-cabin mountable Accessport V3.

COBB stg-2-pkgs

Stage 2 Power Packages

Drastically improve power with the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.

COBB stg-3-pkgs

Stage 3 Power Packages

AFE Power

Choose from Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2 Si, or Momentum air intake packages to leave your old performance in the dust.

AFE Cold-Air-Intakes

Cold Air Intake Systems

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