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Sound Damping


Adding sound damping to your car's body panels can improve performance, minimize rattles, and reduce road noise. Sound-damping materials are specially made to absorb and dissipate unwanted sound clutter.

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MESA Damping Mat
SoundSkins Sound Damping Products

SoundSkins products identified the lack of standard expectations when it comes to soundproofing.


Which is why they create innovative, reasonably priced, and long-lasting soundproofing solutions.

Some Sound Deadening Recommendations from the SoundSkins Team for Your Auto Needs!

Classic SoundSkin Double Layer Mat

Classic Black Sound Deadening Double Layer Mat

The SoundSkins Classic Bulk Kit is similar to your traditional old school sound deadening materials BUT better!

Pro Speaker Kit SoundSkin

Pro Speaker Sound Deadening Speaker Kit

The SoundSkins 4 Piece Speaker Kit is the best sound dampening material for your car audio system, designed to enhance your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise all in one material.

SoundSkin Heat Shield Kit

Heat Shield Thermal Insulation & Sound Deadening Kit

The SoundSkins Heat Shield is our very first thermal acoustic insulation material designed for use OUTSIDE of your cabin!

SoundSkin Wavy Foam Sound Deadening

Wavy Foam Sound Deadening Lightweight Closed Cell

Foam Mat

SoundSkins Wavy Foam is a thick mat made of our signature closed cell foam designed to insulate your cabin from external sounds and to isolate vibrations and rattles.

SoundSkin Foam Tape Sound Deadening Kit

Foam Tape Sound Deadening Closed Cell Acoustic

Foam Tape

If you’re looking for an effective, affordable way to soundproof your vehicle, look no further than SoundSkins Foam Tape!

SoundSkin Rings Deadening Kit

Rings V3 Sound Deadening Speaker Kit

SoundSkins Speaker Rings are designed to make your car audio system perform at its full potential! Don't spend hundreds or thousands on a brand new system when you can have a whole new sound with SoundSkins Rings for less than the other guys.

SoundSkin Pro Plus Deadening Kit

Pro Plus Sound Deadening Kit

The SoundSkins Pro Plus is an extra large workshop roll of our wildly popular SoundSkins Pro sound damping material, offering you much more material for your vehicle soundproofing project.

SoundSkin Pro Two-Door Kit

Pro Two-Door Sound Deadening Kit

The SoundSkins Pro soundproof door kit is the best sound dampening material for your vehicle, engineered to enhance your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise.

SoundSkin Pro Speaker & Ring Deadening Kit

Pro Speaker & Rings Sound Deadening Complete

Four-Speaker Kit

Want to bring your car's aftermarket audio system to the next level? Look no further than the SoundSkins Speaker Enhancer Bundle to reduce unwanted road noise and enhance your car stereo system!

EV Sound Damping Products
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