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Window Tinting and Installation

Auto Window Tinting and Professional Installation

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Window tinting isn’t just an aesthetic choice designed to change the overall look of your automobile -- although it certainly does make it look more sleek and luxurious. There are so many benefits to having a professional install window tinting on your car, aside from a flawless finish from the experts at Stereo Depot.


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Solar Gard


Solar Gard

The Benefits of Window Tinting

We need two hands to count all the benefits of adding window tint to your car. Not only is it one of the most cost-effective modifications you can make to update the look of your car, it also is one of the most logical from security and preservation standpoints.

  • Window tints increase your vehicle’s security.
    Darkened windows prevent people from seeing inside to your car’s interior, so any electronic item you’ve left there or your new car stereo system is protected from spying eyes. Put a stop to smash-and-grab thefts of opportunity.

  • Window tinting keeps your auto glass together.
    Should you have the misfortune of being in a situation where your car windows are shattered, the premium window-tinting film we use, like Solar Gard®, can help hold the shards and fragments together, so they don’t go flying around your car in a crash or natural disaster.

  • Window tinting blocks glare from the southern California sun.
    Driving at night and being blinded by oncoming headlights, or cruising the freeway during the day and squinting as the sun glares off the vehicle in front of you are problems of the past with professional window tinting installation at Stereo Depot.

  • Ride in comfort with tinted windows in San Diego or El Cajon.
    Our high-quality window tinting products are created to block 70 percent of the solar heat from the southern California sun, so you stay cooler as you drive.

  • Window tinting improves your fuel economy. 
    It doesn’t sound like it’s true at first, but if you have to run your air conditioner less or at a lower setting, you’re actually saving on the gasoline required to operate it. You’ll burn less fuel and stop at the gas pump less frequently.

  • Window tinting blocks UV rays.
    Even sun shining onto your skin as you drive can cause dangerous skin cancer to develop or damage your skin. Protect yourself from damaging UV rays with window tinting equivalent to wearing SPF 285!

  • Enjoy a private ride in San Diego with window tinting.
    When your windows are dark, no one can see in. The privacy that window tinting provides means you can drive around southern California without anyone looking into your car windows as they pass you on the freeway.

  • Window tinting prevents your car interior from fading and other damage.
    Just as window tinting protects your skin, it also protects your upholstery and dash from harmful UV light, which breaks down and fades the materials in your car’s cabin. Keep your car interior looking like new with professionally-installed window tint products.

Get professional installation from our window tinting experts at Stereo Depot, open seven days a week, at 1149 Broadway in El Cajon or 6445 El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego.

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