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OEM Amp Integration in San Diego

Upgrade Your Car Audio with the Best Sound Systems

Integrating pieces of your OEM system with a new stereo amplifier keeps the original features you love about your current set-up while improving your audio experience. The factory stereo systems in modern vehicles include an external amplifier designed to make your set-up sound better. However, when you replace the stereo and speakers, but leave the factory amp, you don’t end up with the best possible sound.

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Axxess Integrate

Connecting a new amplifier and speakers to your factory unit, called OEM integration, gives you audiophile-quality sound so you can hear even the subtle details in your favorite music, both treble and bass.


A Stereo Modification Worth the Effort

Bypassing your car’s factory amp may take a little more skill, but the rewards you’ll reap make it the right choice when you’re looking for premium sound quality. You’re already paying to upgrade your car’s stereo, so you might as well do it right.

When our skilled technicians bypass the factory amp, they often have to run a bypass harness through other areas of the car, where the amp is located, outside of your dashboard stereo. But because they’re experts in car electronics, they know exactly how to bypass your amp and complete a neat and tidy stereo installation.


While there are benefits to keeping your factory amp -- specifically how your stereo system plugs into your dash, true experts like ours at Stereo Depot in El Cajon and San Diego know there’s a better way. And we’re here to show you just how good your car audio can sound. 


Factory Stereo Amplifiers and Their Settings

What you may not know about your factory stereo system is that the amp installed in your vehicle also comes with its own set of factory settings. Sometimes these don’t allow your stereo system to sound as good when you install new components but leave the factory amplifier. 

Even if you put in new speakers with your old amplifier, the system has been calibrated to work a certain way, which means your new speakers may sound even worse than your originals. Why? Because your car’s manufacturer installed your system in the factory in a way that made the most out of average stereo components. The equalization they used for those components is not the same needed to improve the sound quality on new subwoofers, speakers, and tweeters.

When you properly upgrade your amplifier, you are removing those original settings and allowing your stereo system to perform at its best. Our clients report more detailed and clear music with their OEM amp integration than when they listened to their favorite songs on a factory amp.

Stereo Depot is Home to Your Local OEM Amp Integration Experts!



When you’re ready to improve the audio quality of your car’s stereo system, make sure you choose a mobile electronics specialist who knows car audio inside and out. Visit one of our two Stereo Depot locations in El Cajon or San Diego, where we’ll turn your car stereo system into a work of auditory art.


Got questions? Visit us in person, or contact us in our El Cajon store at 619-873-2210 or our San Diego store at 619-286-1234.

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