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What Order Should I Install My New Sound System In?

Your Guide to San Diego Subwoofer Installation and Car Speaker Installation

At Stereo Depot, we recognize that every customer, vehicle, and car speaker installation is different. Some want a complete replacement to their existing audio installation; others want a boost sonic frequencies; and some are looking to increase the perceived value of their luxury vehicle with an aftermarket sound system installation.

One of the ways you can upgrade your car audio setup is to improve it piece by piece. Car audio systems are quite modular, so you can approach your upgrades in stages.

There is no right order in which to approach a car audio upgrade. Below, we list the most common route of upgrades we perform for customers, but get in touch with us to discuss your needs so we can advise on the best option for you.

What Should You Replace First in a New Car Sound System Installation?

Arguably, a new receiver will give you the most bang for your buck when upgrading your car audio system piece-by-piece. If your current head unit lacks features, a new upgrade with support for things like streaming radio, satellite radio, a Bluetooth system, and mobile apps will feel like a breath of fresh air. Every receiver worth its salt now supports hands-free calling, and with Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay support, it’s easier than ever to connect up your favorite gadgets wirelessly so you can play your preferred media.

Getting New Speakers

Next up is often new speakers. Start with the speakers up front where you sit, and then consider the rear speakers. If you choose full-range front door speakers, choose a speaker size that will also fit in the rear doors. Doing so means you can move your full-range set of speakers to the back if you finally decide to upgrade to component speakers in the front. Professional car speaker installation will deliver the results you desire; your speakers should fit perfectly into your vehicle, with no signs that they were aftermarket at all.

Amping Up Your Sound System Installation

As you ramp up your speakers, you’ll need to amp up, too, with a dedicated amplifier. The added power this brings allows speakers to meet their full potential. A four-channel amp will power your speakers, but also consider whether you’ll later add a subwoofer. You can use a separate subwoofer amp later and add it to the system, or you can choose a five-channel amp system that’ll be ready for your subwoofer when you add it.

Time for a Subwoofer

Perhaps the most iconic part of the system is the addition of a powerful subwoofer to drive your bass. If you only have a four-channel amp, you’ll need a dedicated mono amp for the subwoofer. Our subwoofer installation in San Diego will seamlessly integrate this piece with the rest of your audio system.

Considerations Before Upgrading Your System

Again, this order for sound system installation isn’t set in stone. If you’re happy with the functionality of your receiver, for example, we will often recommend skipping straight to a speaker and amplifier upgrade.

When upgrading piecemeal, have the potential final setup in mind from the beginning. Think about space considerations for the subwoofer and amplifiers you may need, as well as the locations for speakers and wiring. Calculate how much power you may need from the start so you don’t end up paying twice for amps.

We also recommend considering sound damping as part of your installation. Deadening road sound and the noise from your engine can make for a more enjoyable listening experience, and it’s great even when you’re not using your car stereo.

Even if you plan to upgrade your audio system in stages, we recommend professional installation. Poorly installed car audio systems result in more challenges when it’s time to upgrade, often costing you more money. Professional car audio installers like Stereo Depot in El Cajon and San Diego will avoid common pitfalls that DIY installers often make. Your luxury vehicle is worth a lot to you in many different ways, so it makes perfect sense to ensure the significant upgrade a car audio installation can be is performed to a high standard.

Sound System Installation in California

A high-quality sound system installation necessitates you use the pros. Stereo Depot in San Diego and El Cajon, CA, not only supplies the highest quality car stereo equipment you’ll find in the state, but we have highly trained, qualified, installation engineers that can advise on the best purchases as well as perform your car speaker installation for you. For the best bass around, we’ll perform your subwoofer installation in San Diego for you, and hook it up to your new Bluetooth system that makes streaming your favorite tracks a cinch. Visit one of our locations to learn more.

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