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What Is the Best Window Tint Film for Cars?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

When it comes to additions and services for your car or truck, you only want the best. At Stereo Depot in San Diego and El Cajon, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the highest quality car products and installations at a fair and affordable price. One of the most popular services we offer at Stereo Depot are car tinted windows, and our team of window tinting experts only use top of the line window tint film that is durable and will not fade over time. Learn about the different types of car window tint film below, and if you have any further questions or would like to request a window tinting quote contact Stereo Depot today by calling our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210 or our San Diego location at (619) 286-1234.

DYED WINDOW TINT FILM If you are looking for a very affordable option to get your car looking sleek and cool, then you might want to go with dyed window tint film. Dyed window tint film is created by adding a dark dye to the film, with the dye working to absorb the heat from the sun while also blocking some UV rays from damaging your skin and the car interior. However, the dye is not as effective as other window tint films, as it does not block as much sunlight and tends to fade over time. The main purpose of a dyed window tint film is aesthetic, as it provides passengers some privacy with dark windows that can be difficult to peer through from the exterior.

METALIZED WINDOW TINT FILM Metalized window tint film works a little bit differently than dyed film. Whereas dyed film works to absorb sunlight, metalized film reflects sunlight away, with the metal particles in the film reflecting heat, UV rays, and sunlight away from your car. As an added bonus, metalized film also makes your windows stronger, and in case you get in an accident it makes the window less likely to shatter into small, dangerous pieces. Metalized film is more durable than dyed film, with metalized film less likely to scratch than dyed film. However, one major problem with metalized film is the same metal particles that reflect sunlight trying to enter your vehicle can also interfere with cell phone, GPS, and radio waves, making for poor reception in your car.

CARBON WINDOW TINT FILM Carbon window tint film is a more effective option than dyed film or metalized film, blocking approximately 40% of infrared light to keep your car cool and comfortable. Carbon film also does not have any metal particles in it, eradicating the reception issues that come with metalized film, and is not prone to fading over time like a dyed film. Carbon window tint film also provides a dark and elegant matte-finish, providing you with the look and functionality you are seeking when tinting your windows.

CERAMIC WINDOW TINT FILM Most would consider ceramic film to be the best window tint film available. Ceramic window tint film uses a nonconductive and nonmetallic ceramic particle that reduces solar heat by up to 50%, keeping your car at a much more manageable temperature. The film also provides 99% protection from UV light, protecting your car interior from UV damage and your skin from harmful UV rays that can lead to skin cancer. In addition to the extra protection, ceramic film also gives you incredible visibility from inside the car while giving you privacy from outside the car. The film has none of the issues the other films have, as it is very durable, does not block reception, and does not fade over time. Finally, ceramic film strengthens your windows, making them shatter-resistant to increase your safety. Ceramic window tint film is the best type of window tint film and can be a bit more costly than the other options, but the benefits make ceramic film well worth the slight additional cost. THE BEST WINDOW TINT FILM FOR CARS AT STEREO DEPOT At Stereo Depot, we only provide the very best window tint film for your car or truck. Not only do we offer ceramic window tint film at an affordable price, but we also carry only the best brands of tint film to make sure you are getting quality you can trust. We also offer custom installation from our car window tinting experts, allowing you to get exactly the window tint job that best suits your vehicle. If you are interested in learning more about tinted windows at Stereo Depot, give us a call at our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210 or our San Diego location at (619) 286-1234.

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