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Truck Gear: More than Audio

Upgrading Your Truck in San Diego

Car audio is awesome! We all know that. There’s not a day that goes by at the shop that we’re not geeking out about wattage, bass, or the latest in receiver tech. We’re a crew of audiophiles, but we’re also fans of vehicles in general. In this industry, the two go hand-in-hand.

If you are one of the many millions of Americans that owns a truck, there are a ton of aftermarket audio upgrade options available for you including window tinting, bed covers, liners, and several custom lighting options. Whether you use a super heavy-duty truck like the Ford F-250 or an everyday commuter pickup truck, the team at Stereo Depot can find the right sound system for you. Aftermarket audio options such as stereos, speakers, and subwoofers install seamlessly into most makes and models of trucks.

We also can install a number of customizations and upgrades that are specific to trucks to help your ride stand out from the rest.

Truck Bed (Tonneau) Covers

With plenty of hard and soft options, below are your most popular cover choices for privacy, protection, and added security.

Roll Up: Easy to use with both hard or soft options available. When you want to access the truck bed, simply roll up the cover towards the cab.

Folding: Folding covers offer versatility and added protection. Available in both hard and soft options, simply fold the cover towards the truck’s cab when you want to access the truck bed.

Retractable: This product is similar to roll up, but more rugged and secure with cleaner operation. It even has a powered version available so that you can control it via remote.

One-Piece Hard Lid: Out of all the covers, the one-piece lid is the easiest to open and close.

Heavy-Duty: The most rugged out of all truck bed covers. The heavy-duty variety can withstand anything.

Nerf Bars & Running Boards