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Top Rim Brands for 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

10 Picks for Upgrading Your Wheels in the New Year

There’s nothing that elevates a vehicle’s look and feel quicker than a new set of wheels. If you’ve ever browsed around for new wheels or aftermarket rims, then you already know there’s a ton of selection out there. It can be hard to tell which brand lives up to its reputation, which is why we’re taking time to talk about our top 10 rim and wheel brands for 2021.

American Force

Established in 2003 in Miami, FL, American Force has risen from humble beginnings to become a certified leader in forged wheels for trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s, and UTV’s. They operate by the philosophy of delivering the absolute highest quality custom forged wheels that money can buy, which are proudly crafted in the U.S. What we love about the American Force line is they have a style and distinction all their own. Like any good product worth taking note of, you know it when you see it. Every wheel is emblazoned with their signature star logo, and their aesthetic always leans towards the more intricate and chromatic.

Black Rhino

In this industry, there are wheels and there are WHEELS in all caps. Black Rhino falls into the second category, a hard alloy haymaker from a heavyweight boxer that will knock you down for the count. If you’re not familiar with Black Rhino, they have made a name for themselves serving up the toughest and very best off-road wheels for stock and lifted trucks, SUVs, and UTVs. They’ve got a ton of selection to choose from to get your Jeep or Ford F-150 battle-ready. Their line-up includes 1-piece cast, beadlock, rotary forges, or forged Monoblock, and they’re not coming up short on color options, either. Black Rhino is a fantastic pick for those that want to feel like they’re rolling in on a tank.

DUB Wheels

There’s really no better way to set yourself apart from the vehicular pack then with a nice chrome-finished set of DUB Wheels. Their hypnotic designs combined with the latest in spinning rim technology will have onlookers staring at your wheels like they’re in a trance. These come in one, two, and three-piece forged or cast wheels so that you can outfit your passenger car, truck, or SUV with a quartet of hyper-stylized steel. Wheel sizes range from 18 to 32 inches. If you get these, get ready to turn some heads. Nobody can ignore a nice set of DUB Wheels.

Fuel Off-Road

What we love about the new 2021 line of Fuel Off-Road wheels is that they are just as tough as they look. This is the steel-toed work boot of wheels, custom-fit and perfectly outfitted for your heavy-duty truck. You can choose from a 1-piece, 2-piece, forged, deep lip, or dually rims, which are all created right here in California. These aluminum wheels are perfect for when your trip takes you off the highway onto rocky and rough terrain. With styles names Ammo, Blitz, and Hammer, you can count on a wheel that’s going to live up to its namesake.


KMC has been around the block once or twice. Actually, many times. Since 1982, they’ve been a trusted innovator of wheels both on the asphalt and off-roading on dirt terrain. KMC has made a name for themselves by bucking convention and forging their own path in the motor sports world. Their line-up of wheels is a highlight reel of modern, rugged, and the unexpected. They currently offer six collections: street, adventure, performance, Robby Gorden, powersports, and ORT. You’re bound to find something that works perfectly for you.


What’s cool about Method Race Wheels is that they’ve locked in big name celebrity endorsements from the likes of Travis Pastrana and Blake Wilkey, but they’re also a fantastic option for your daily-use pick-up truck or other errand-running vehicle. The thing you’ll notice about Method Wheels is that it’s more of a minimalistic look. Whereas some companies go for hyper-intricate, Method is all about being lean and mean. With a company history that is deeply rooted in racing, Method is always pushing the boundaries of how to produce a lighter, faster, better performing wheel to redefine your vehicle’s performance.

Moto Metal

Based out of Denver, CO, Moto Metal Wheels and Wheel Pros (its parent company) are a leading designer, marketer, and distributor of aftermarket cast aluminum or Monoblock forged wheels, performance tires, and accessories. Moto Metal has established itself as the eclectic choice for those rebellious and individualistic car and truck owners. Expect bright and bold designs with patterns you can get lost in on every wheel.


As they say over at Niche, “Perfection doesn’t rest.” And true to form, they’ve truly outdone themselves with their new 2021 line of wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs. They maintain the high standard of quality that we’ve come to know and love from the Niche brand, but never yielding on the push for bold new designs and finishes. The Sotto and Flash styles specifically are pure eye candy that will have onlookers turning their heads.


Handcrafted right here in California, Rotiform has made a name for themselves in the golden state and beyond with their slick and stylish wheels. Expect the ultimate in care of assembly and craftsmanship. Each Rotiform wheel from their 2021 line is either custom-forged or cast Monoblock, and the final results are nothing short of phenomenal.


Like Moto Metal, XD Wheels is under the Wheel Pros parent company, specializing in heavy-duty wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs. They have all the most popular wheel sizes ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches with widths of 6 inches to 14 inches. What we love about XD Wheels is they have all their bases covered when it comes to manufacturing for a large selection of vehicles, meaning that they probably have the perfect wheel for your American made pick-up or European luxury import.

Upgrade Your Wheels Today at Stereo Depot

Are you finally ready to take your wheel game to the next level? The team at Stereo Depot is more than happy to help you get there. We carry all the most popular brands to ensure that your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle can be outfitted with the best and more durable wheels in the industry.

We also offer the most reliable and quickest installation in the area. You’ll be back on the road in no time showing off your brand-new wheels. Stop by one of our stores in San Diego or El Cajon to check out your options.

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