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The 6 Best Car Alarm Brands

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Few things are more valuable than peace of mind. Constantly worrying about things both big and small can be enough to wear on anyone, so it is always nice when you can happily cross one thing to stress about off of the list. With a car alarm and theft prevention system, you can stop worrying about the safety and security of both your car and any valuables inside the vehicle. A high-quality car alarm provides invaluable security and peace of mind, but the only way to make sure your car is in safe hands is to go with a car alarm from one of the best car alarm brands on the market. At Stereo Depot, we take car security very seriously and only carry the very best brands in car alarms and theft prevention. Below we list the six best car alarm brands, and for additional information on car alarm and security system installation contact Stereo Depot by calling our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210 or our San Diego location at (619) 286-1234. 1. AVITAL CAR ALARMS Avital is one of the most well-known brands in car alarms and theft prevention. One of the things that sets Avital apart is every car alarm system they offer also comes with a highly rated remote start system, complete with a panic mode that sounds an alarm and flashes the lights on your car. Avital is also renown for their blue-backlit LCD display that gives you real-time information about your vehicle’s safety. 2. PYTHON CAR ALARMS Python car alarms offer you a great bang for your buck and is a perfect initial purchase, as the security system has a variety of expansion capabilities. Python car alarms also offer a wireless connection for a 1-mile radius, allowing you to get feedback from the theft prevention system even if you cannot see or hear your vehicle. One final feature that sets Python apart is a parking meter timer, a nifty tool that makes sure you never get a ticket for staying in a parking spot too long. 3. PYLE CAR ALARMS Pyle is known for the ferocity of the car alarm siren, with the alarm giving off a 120-decibel salute that will have any passerby looking for the cause for concern immediately. Pyle also offers a variety of interchangeable security solutions, including a valet mode, a remote override switch, and ignition locks. 4. VIPER CAR ALARMS Viper is a simple, easy, and popular car alarm brand, protecting millions of cars with their reliable theft prevention systems. Viper car alarms are easy to install and comes with as few or as many features as you so desire. If you want an alarm that is intuitive, simple, and gets the job done, Viper is a great car alarm brand for you. 5. CLIFFORD CAR ALARMS For decades, Clifford has had a sparkling reputation as one of the best car alarm brands on the market. While some systems come with an LCD display, Clifford also offers a free app you can download that allows for full control of your car alarm system right from your smartphone.

6. EASYGUARD CAR ALARMS One of the main perks of an Easyguard car alarm system is that it comes with a keyboard entry system, giving your car an extra layer of protection and giving you a backup plan if you lock your keys on the car. This, along with other features, makes Easyguard one of the best value car alarms available. THE BEST CAR ALARM BRANDS IN SAN DIEGO AND EL CAJON If you are looking for the very best car alarm brands to protect your vehicle, come to Stereo Depot. With locations in San Diego and El Cajon, Stereo Depot carries the best car alarm brands and offers quick and easy installation at an affordable price. Get the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure car at Stereo Depot today. To learn more about the different car alarm brands or to get a quote for car alarm installation, contact Stereo Depot today by calling our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210 or our San Diego location at (619) 286-1234.

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