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Take Your Boat Stereo System in San Diego to the Next Level With These 4 Speakers

Our Marine Audio Experts Think Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you ready for another sensational summer on the water? Then it’s time to kick your marine audio system up a notch with an incredible pair of boat speakers.

At Stereo Depot, our boat stereo system experts only work with premier marine audio brands. So, if you're ready to take your boat from basic to beast, then take a look at these 4 marine audio upgrades you need for summer 2022!

1. Light Up Your Boat Stereo System and the Water With JL Audio

Built with top-of-the-line materials and a unique approach to optimizing audio for open-air conditions, like boating and camping, JL Audio marine speakers offer a balanced sound and crystal-clear quality at all listening levels.

Stereo Depot is particularly fond of JL Audio boat speakers because they are built in the USA. This allows the engineers of JL Audio monitor production, which ensures they make each product to the highest industry standards.

The latest and greatest for marine audio systems produced by JL Audio are the M3 and M6 boat speakers. They’re available in 7.7-inches and 8.8-inches, two different colors, and even feature optional integrated RGB lighting that uses JL Audio’s patented Transflective RGB technology.

JL Audio marine speakers sound even better with an JL Audio marine amplifier. Ask the professionals at Stereo Depot what else you need to complete your boat stereo system, so you get your summer started relaxing on the water and blasting tunes on your boat.

2. Keep the Party Going 24/7 With Kenwood Marine Audio

Even a novice in marine and car audio knows you can’t go wrong with Kenwood. They have been around for decades and have plenty of experience in the audio industry to make some very sea-worthy speakers for your boat stereo.

What our experts at Stereo Depot in San Diego like about Kenwood boat speakers the most is that they are more compact than other marine audio speakers, while still offering a fair amount of sound. This makes them the perfect addition for smaller boats that don’t have a lot of space for a large marine audio system.

Just like most boat speakers, Kenwood speakers are sold in pairs. One speaker is a woofer, and it’s responsible for playing low frequencies. The other speaker is tweeter, which is dedicated to playing high frequencies.

Even better, Kenwood boat speakers are affordably priced, which means you can outfit your boat with a complete marine audio system without breaking the bank. You can stretch your budget even further by applying for one of our purchase options at Stereo Depot.

Just ask a member of your team about Snap! Finance, and no credit needed way to pay for all your vehicle and marine upgrades.

3. Metra Makes Marine Audio That Can Stand Up to the Elements

One of the big reasons you can’t install car audio on your boat is because speakers and other audio components manufactured for vehicles can’t handle elements like extreme heat, the sun’s UV rays, salt, water, and high-speed winds.

That’s where Metra Marine audio takes center stage. They’ve created some of the most durable boat speakers on the market, while also providing directional sound, so you and your passengers can hear music - even while you’re ripping through the water.

For your boat stereo system, we recommend the Metra 6.5-inch tower speakers. However, if you want speakers for your Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, or WaveRunner, the professional installers at Stereo Depot recommend purchasing Metra Marine Lower-Fairing Speakers.

That’s because they increase the sound pressure level, which allows for a higher listening volume, lower distortion, and improves clarity while your Jet Ski roars across the water.

We also recommend lower-fairing speakers for your motorcycle audio, too! Talk to the experts at Stereo Depot about options from Rockford Fosgate and JBL Harmon, and hit the open-road with your favorite playlist.

4. Marine Sport Lighting to Take Your Boat to the Next Level

Okay, this technically isn’t for your marine audio system, but it sure is an incredible way to upgrade your boat! Marine Sport Lighting designs high-quality aftermarket LED lights for your boats and watercraft of all shapes and sizes.

They are built to withstand the corrosive nature of sea salt, the destructive force of powerful winds, and the intense heat of the summer sun. Plus, Marine Sport Lighting adds a touch of luxury that other boat upgrades just can’t offer.

When you schedule your boat stereo installation at Stereo Depot, ask our team about installing underwater lighting, dock lighting, weatherproof LED strips, search lights, light bars, accent lighting, and more! At Stereo Depot, the upgrades are endless.

Looking for the Best Boat Speaker Systems and Marine Audio Near You?

Then you’ve found what you’ve been searching for at Stereo Depot, where we only carry the best marine audio accessories on the market. Bring your boat in for custom lighting, bass boosts for your factory boat speakers, or a complete boat stereo system installation. We won’t stop until we customize your boat just the way you want!

To learn more about our services, products, and purchase options, call our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210, our shop in San Diego at (619) 514-2928, or send us a message online.

Don’t forget to ask us about our current deals and specials while you’re at it!

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