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Safety First! Increasing the Security and Visibility of Your Vehicle

Simple Upgrades That Will Keep You and Your Vehicle Safe in San Diego

Here at Stereo Depot, we specialize in car audio in San Diego and El Cajon and have made a name for ourselves as the go-to resource for aftermarket stereos, speakers, and subs. We have some of the widest selection of aftermarket sound system equipment in the area, but our catalogue of products goes far beyond sound. We specialize in safety, too.

We enjoy helping everyone look good and sound good in their vehicles, but keeping you, your family, and your ride safe is always our first priority. Any of the upgrades below will add an immediate layer of safety and security for you while your car’s on the road.

Car Alarm

Nothing beats a classic. The car alarm is one of the top go-to upgrades for those that are looking to protect their vehicles from would-be thieves. Stereo Depot is considered the best car alarm installation in San Diego for a reason – we ensure your new alarm is fully functional and in good working order before you leave our shop.

1.) Car alarms work from long distances so you can activate/deactivate remotely without being in the direct vicinity of the vehicle

2.) Compatible with virtually any vehicle (car, truck, SUV, or otherwise)

3.) Keyless entry and remote start included with some models of car alarm

Back-up Cameras

Even the very best drivers have a hard time backing up. There are simply some places behind your car that mirrors won’t be able to show you. Most commonly, it’s things that are low to the ground at bumper-level that pose the biggest problem.

With back-up cameras, you can eliminate blind spots, thereby preventing you from backing into people, animals, property, and other cars. This not only protects your car and anything you may come into contact with, but also prevents you from having to deal with the insurance companies because you accidentally hit something.

1.) Digital on-screen parking lanes help guide you when backing into spaces

2.) Easily mounts to rear bumper or license plate frame, depending on your preference

3.) Provides real-time video feed to your in-dash receiver, dash monitor, rearview mirror, or smartphone

Dashboard Cameras

We’ve all had a situation in the car where it would have been nice to have video footage. This could be in regards to a traffic violation or an unfortunate fender bender. Regardless of the situation, having video proof on your side comes in handy if you ever need something to support your case…and now you can have it. Dashboard cameras record every detail that takes place, both on the road and inside the car. They have proven to be a valuable resource for professional delivery drivers, rideshare drivers, and even civilians. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra set of eyes on the scene.

1.) First-hand evidence in event of an accident, vehicle theft, or vandalism

2.) Helps keep an eye on anyone you may loan your car to when they take it “for a quick spin”

3.) New 360° dash cams allow you to see absolutely everything

4.) Record road trips and scenery, and then transfer those files to your computer for safe keeping

Sensors & Complete Blindspot Detection Systems

If you’re looking for next-level safety that will provide 100% coverage of anything coming your way, then sensors & complete blindspot detection systems are the way to go. The radar-based sensors detect vehicles, people, and objects that are headed to your current vicinity and issue an alert that allows you to take corrective action.

1.) Forward-collision warning

2.) Blind spot warning

3.) Lane-departure warning

4.) Comprehensive systems can combine camera and sensor data to make sure you’re never caught off-guard

Car and Driver Monitoring

There’s nothing that makes a parent more anxious than when the kids borrow the car. You don’t have any way of knowing what they’re doing or how responsibly they’re driving…until now.

With car and driver monitoring, you can stay in the know wherever your car goes. This trusty upgrade allows you to know everything going on with your vehicle so that you know it’s in good shape and where it’s located at all times.

1.) Location tracking via GPS

2.) Create virtual boundaries and receive alerts when they’re crossed

3.) Car “health” status – get alerts for low tire pressure, oil change required, etc.

4.) Collision and theft alerts – be the first to know when something happens so you can respond quickly

Contact Stereo Depot for Your Security and Safety Upgrades Today!

As previously mentioned, we offer the best car alarm installation in San Diego and can also offer any number of security and safety upgrades. Aftermarket blind spot detectors and vehicle monitoring give drivers more confidence out there on the road. Your car is an investment – protect it today by visiting the team at Stereo Depot!

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