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How to Achieve Great Car Audio Sound

Elevating Volume and Quality from Good to Great in San Diego

It’s no big secret that swapping out that no-name factory amp for a top-shelf one from Rockford Fosgate, Boss, or Pioneer is going to instantly improve your sound system. It will certainly make it louder, but the real question is, “Will it be better?” Getting loud with sound is actually the easy part with car audio installation in San Diego. Elevating the overall quality is the real challenge, and one that we gladly accept here at Stereo Depot.

Top Challenges to Achieving Great Car Audio

Unlike the controlled environment of a home theater, the interior of moving cars is littered with obstacles that can make car audio sound rough, buzzy, or otherwise distorted. It also doesn’t help that most manufacturers view car audio as a lower priority, so you basically start at square one when you buy a vehicle. You’ll definitely need to upgrade everything, but even with the right equipment, you still have to be mindful of the following:

Speaker Positioning: Default speaker positioning isn’t necessarily the best placement for your specific vehicle. It usually can be improved once you have a car audio expert evaluate the interior and make some adjustments.

Reflective Surfaces: Glass windows, thick seats, and even passengers can block and bounce sound. Since you can physically see sound, this may be a difficult problem for most to diagnose. Yet again, this is another example where it pays off to have a true audio expert evaluate the interior to optimize the sound quality.

Road Noise: No vehicle is exempt from tire hum, engine whine, wind, exhaust, and assorted body rattles. All of these things can make even the best equipment sound poor.

Car Material: Fiberglass, metal, and plastic don’t combine to make the best quality sound experience. This is one of the main reasons that aftermarket audio is so popular. With the right set-up installed, you can work around these problems.

Fix #1: High-Quality Premium Speakers

So, you want to upgrade your sound and have no clue where to start. There’s a lot of directions you can go, but if you want to work from the top-down in terms of high-priority items, start with the speakers. You can never go wrong with a great pair of high-quality premium speakers. So, what separates high-quality speakers from the standard set the manufacturer installs? There are three key differentiating factors.