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Give the Coolest Gifts of All: Car Remote Starter and Car Window Tint

Two Fantastic Car Accessories They’ll Use Year After Year

Buying the perfect gift can be a challenge.

You want to blow the person’s holiday-themed socks off but you don’t want to zero out your bank account doing it. The gift should be something they’ll use all the time…something that makes their life better. If you’ve arrived at your wit’s end regarding holiday shopping for the person who has everything, then allow us to make a suggestion: upgrade their ride with a car remote starter and car window tint.

Although you won’t be able to wrap these items and put them under a tree, these two vehicle accessories are consistently top sellers here at Stereo Depot. If you’ve yet to complete your holiday shopping, remote start and window tinting can be your last-minute save of the holiday season. Let’s break these two items down.

Car Remote Starter

People love remote start, especially during the summer when the chance of heat waves and hot sunny weather is more common. If you know someone who isn’t too fond of walking out to a boiling hot car – car remote start is the perfect gift for them.

Remote starters are sold in kits, and as you probably guessed, not all of them are created equal. The base kits run around $100 and will have an approximate range of 500 feet, which is perfectly fine for most people. However, there are more premium car remote start kits available with longer ranges and additional security features.

No matter which car remote start kit you choose, you can rest assured that no one except the person with the car keys can take off with the car. That’s something we get asked about a lot in regards to remote start.

Not only is remote start convenient, it also keeps your car secure. The doors stay locked when it’s in use. In the event that someone breaks through the window and takes off with the car, the engine will shut off the moment they tap the brake pedal.

One final thing about remote start…it REALLY comes in handy if you happen to go to a part of the country that experiences true four-season weather. Trust us, if it’s cold and snowy out, the last thing you’ll want to do is sit in the car for twenty minutes waiting for it to heat up.

Premium Car Window Tint

When you live in a warm and sunny climate like Southern California, getting tinted windows is pretty much essential to the driving experience. Not only is window tinting relatively inexpensive, this is also an upgrade that yields benefits year after year in both aesthetics and protecting the vehicle’s contents.

Many of our customers get window tint simply because it looks cool – and we can’t disagree – it is VERY cool. However, there’s more to window tint than meets the eye. Most window tints on the market these days block a minimum of 98% of the sun’s UV rays. Blocking out all those UV rays means you’re protecting your skin from harm as well as the interior of the car.

Additionally, window tint serves as a way of concealing any valuables you may keep in your vehicle. A lot of car break-ins happen because a thief sees something of interest in a vehicle like a purse or a laptop bag. If you have window tint installed, they may never see it in the first place. Window tint isn’t a security system by any means, but it’s great at keeping your valuable items out of sight.

Visit Stereo Depot Today for Your Holiday Upgrades

If you’re ready to upgrade your or a loved one’s vehicle with car window tint or car remote start, simply stop by Stereo Depot and we can get you set up. We have several remote start kits and varieties of window tinting to choose from. Our in-house team also does professional window tint and remote start installation. This ensures that the job gets done right the first time.

We have two convenient locations – one in San Diego and one in El Cajon. Feel free to stop by either one and we’ll be happy to discuss car audio upgrades. If you want to set an appointment or send us an email, use the contact form on our website.

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