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Do Truck Accessories and Upgrades Increase the Value of Your Ride?

Updated: May 7

Five Truck Upgrades to Consider When Investing in Your Truck

As most of us already know, owning a truck means that you’re in possession of an asset that steadily depreciates over time. The longer you own it and the more miles you rack up, the more the resale value sinks along with it. That can be a bitter pill to swallow for those of you out there who love your trucks and want to continually invest in them. After all, shouldn’t adding on new accessories and upgrades mean that you’re adding more value to the truck? In some cases, that’s exactly what it means.

In the following post, we’ll break down the top five typical upgrades that truck owners make and discuss how these upgrades may or may not affect the truck’s overall value.

1 – Custom Car Audio and Aftermarket Sound Equipment

Here at Stereo Depot, we perform truck and car stereo installation in San Diego and the surrounding areas. That includes in-dash units, speakers, subs, woofers, and anything else that cranks out sound. The thing that most drivers can agree upon is that car audio ranks fairly high on the list of things that improve their driving experience. Additionally, we can all agree that aftermarket equipment always outperforms the sound systems that come standard from the manufacturer.

So, will custom car audio in San Diego raise the overall value of the truck? Well, that depends on what you end up doing. If you simply get a new in-dash unit and stop there, you’re likely not going to move the needle very much. However, if you wind up investing in a total overhaul in your sound system, that will be something that can’t be overlooked on the resale market. For more information on stereo equipment in San Diego, contact the pros at Stereo Depot.

2 – Remote Start and Security Upgrades

We love remote start here at Stereo Depot, especially on hot summer days where the car needs a little time to cool down. The same can be said for security upgrades and how they can protect your car or truck from potential theft. In fact, some security upgrades even have a video feature that triggers once a break-in happens.

Although Stereo Depot is known for doing the best car alarm installation in San Diego, we wouldn’t count this as an upgrade that will majorly impact the value of your truck one way or the other. The same applies for remote start. They are well worth the investment, but the investment is so small that the overall value of the truck won’t change much.

3 – Side Steps, Bed Steps, Bumper Steps, Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Most truck owners agree that one of the main challenges they face is the ease of getting in and out of their truck. This holds especially true for shorter drivers and passengers, or for those passengers who have wet, muddy boots. Most truck manufacturers leave something to be desired when it comes to the stepping apparatus of the vehicle. Typically, it’s far too narrow and lacks traction. If this sounds like an issue that you’re having with your truck, we definitely recommend investing in the upgrade. New aftermarket side steps, bed steps, bumper steps, Nerf bars, and running boards should increase the overall value of the truck since it’s a significant upgrade.

4 – Custom Wheels and Tires

If you’re a serious truck owner that takes pride in their vehicle, then you’ve probably already thought about making an upgrade to your wheels and tires. Custom wheels and tires elevate the overall aesthetic of the truck and improve how it handles out there on the road. Considering the fact that custom wheels and tires are so expensive, they will without a doubt influence the value of the vehicle. The exact amount entirely depends on which custom wheels and tires you decide to invest in.

5 – Lift Kit

The lift kit is perhaps the most controversial upgrade on our list. As truck owners know, the lift kit is an overall lift of the suspension which is intended to give a truck better handling in off-road situations. Once a truck has been lifted, there’s more clearance for bigger wheels and tires, which generally means that the owner of a lifted truck will opt to change those out, too. Finally, a lifted truck is a cosmetic change in appearance as well. Having said all that, a lift kit doesn’t always equate to the truck increasing in value. The fact of the matter is there’s a very specific audience of drivers that want a lifted truck. Some will prefer to not have it. That means when you finally sell your truck, you may encounter buyers who see the lift kit upgrade as a deal-maker or deal-breaker. For someone who values off-road driving, the lift kit will be a must-have upgrade that they’re willing to pay for.

Talk to the Pros at Stereo Depot About Truck Upgrades

As most of the city already knows, Stereo Depot handles any and all car audio in San Diego. Whether you’re in need of a top-of-the-line in-dash unit, speakers, subs, woofers, or even something as simple as a car radio in San Diego, our team can help you out. However, we’re also big fans of making truck-specific upgrades like the ones we’ve mentioned here. As we’ve pointed out, not all of them are going to make a huge impact on the overall value. The only question you need to ask yourself is whether or not the upgrade is something you want. If that’s the case, then we recommend you move forward with it.

The best way to get started is by visiting our shop in person. You can tell us about the upgrades and accessories you’re interested in getting for your truck and we can help you select the best options for you and your budget.

Our locations are conveniently located in San Diego and El Cajon. Feel free to contact us via our website with any truck-related questions you may have.

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