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Brand Spotlight: Focal

France’s Finest Offering in Car Audio

Focal is the exact kind of French connection that Stereo Depot is proud to have made in the world of aftermarket car speakers. If you’re not familiar with the name, Focal has been in the game for over four decades and is perhaps best known for their 100% handmade audio products. Not a single speaker goes out their door that wasn’t carefully hand-crafted and assembled by a real live human being. It’s that attention to detail and commitment quality that has made Focal speakers one of the best aftermarket car speaker brands in the entire industry – both in Europe and right here in the United States.

From a pricing perspective, Focal speakers run on the high end. However, once you hear them, you know exactly where that extra money is going. Focal speakers are elegant, crisp, and bubbling with every little note you couldn’t hear before with your manufacturer’s standard audio system. Like a fine French champagne, the sound of these speakers hits all the right notes and will have audiophiles uncorking track-after-track to experience music at its highest echelon.

Focal ES 165KX2 – K2 Power Series

The Focal ES 165KX2 from their K2 Power Series is as the French would say, “La perfection.”

Carefully handcrafted in France, this speaker package is the absolute pinnacle of car audio performance. The 6½” woofer is composed of Kevlar and glass-fiber that can handle any bass-heavy track that you can throw at it. As part of a design upgrade, Focal has added a new Tuned Mass Damper rubber surround to the woofer so that any and all distortions are effectively muted, offering the cleanest in midrange sound.

Also optimized in the speaker package is the aramid fiber tweeter, which uses an “M”-shaped inverted dome that is used to evenly disperse high notes. For improved control, you can now dial the tweeter to one of three specific settings with a max frequency response of up to 22,000 Hz.

Focal Ultima Full Active 2-Way Component Kit

High fidelity speakers – or hi-fi, as they’re referred to by audiophiles – are the highest summit of the proverbial mountain of sound. They are the best of the best, which is why Stereo Depot is proud to offer another must-have import in the form of the Focal Ultima Full Active 2-Way Component Kit, which has been developed using the highest-quality materials and design. It is the combination of both the highly touted Grande Utopia EM and SM9 speakers. Additionally, the Focal Ultima package comes with two tweeters and two woofers. If you’re worried about needing an amp to fully round out the system – no need. The Focal Ultima uses an active system, which means it has its own amp built right into it.

The end result of this highly innovative product is perhaps one of the best listening experiences available in the car audio world. Even at extreme frequencies – either high treble or extremely deep bass – the Focal Ultima is handcrafted to handle all of it with pure elegance and high-fidelity playback.

Focal A La Carte

It wouldn’t be a true French offering without an a la carte option. Because they know that drivers are passionate about being able to customize their listening experience, Focal speakers are offered separately so that you can piecemeal everything together yourself, if you so choose.

The coaxials, amps, speaker components, and the rest of the Focal catalogue can be mixed and matched to your exact specifications. This is a great option for those that are highly particular about their sound system arrangement and find value in knowing their system is unique compared to others that are out there on the road.

Upgrade to the Ultimate in Audio Performance with Focal Speakers

Focal has proven itself to be one of the best car speaker brands and is sure to impress your passengers with its hi-fi playback quality, no matter if you’re bumping bass-heavy rap, synth wave, or hard-hitting EDM. Stereo Depot in San Diego has set up countless customers with Focal speakers who can’t say enough good things about them. They’re perfect for any car, SUV, or truck – both domestic and import.

The best way to get familiar with the Focal line-up of products is by dropping by one of our two convenient locations – either in El Cajon or San Diego. We’re open seven days a week and are happy to show you exactly what Focal speakers are capable of live and in-person at our shop.

For more information, visit our Focal Speakers page.

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