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5 Car Upgrades Everyone in San Diego Will Want

Updated: May 7

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Change Up Your Ride with Aftermarket Auto Accessories in San Diego

Another San Diego summer is just a few months away, meaning drivers of all ages are starting to consider how they’d like to show off and improve their ride this year with aftermarket upgrades.

When you think about aftermarket upgrades, your mind might immediately jump to that car with a custom wrap or neon blue rims. However, auto accessories aren’t always that extravagant, and can also be subtle - if that’s more your speed.

If you’ve been hesitant about upgrading your ride for this very reason, we understand. But we also believe that every driver can benefit from aftermarket accessories.

That’s why we’ve created a list of subtle - yet extremely effective - auto accessories that can upgrade your ride and give it an entirely new look and feel practically overnight. Without further delay, here are five upgrades that everyone in San Diego will want, provided to you by our stereo shop near you, Stereo Depot.

1 - New Car Speakers

You may think you’re stuck with the quality of your car’s factory speakers, but a quick visit to our stereo shop near you can enhance your sound and bring your music back to life. Not only are aftermarket speakers more powerful, but they work alongside your car stereo to improve your overall sound quality and performance.

At Stereo Depot, our inventory is full of nearly every type of car speaker in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that feels like it was made just for your vehicle.

Even if you aren’t one to cruise down the street with your windows down and your music blasting, you’ll appreciate the crystal clear sound that new car speakers can provide.

2 - A Car Stereo Replacement

Upgrading your car stereo can outfit your vehicle with the most up-to-date technological features, offering you more convenience right at your fingertips. Choose between systems with Apple Carplay or Android Auto, smartphone connectivity, and GPS navigation.

You might also consider aftermarket Bluetooth installation. When you install a car stereo system with Bluetooth, you’ll get to stream your favorite tunes right from your smartphone. Just turn on your phone’s Bluetooth setting, pair it with your ride, and you’re ready to go - no cord needed. Drivers also love how their Bluetooth car stereo system enables them to take a phone call hands-free, so they can put all their attention on the road.

Although most newer vehicles come equipped with Bluetooth, if you plan to upgrade your stereo, be sure the one you choose offers this feature, too.

3 - New Tires

New tires may go unnoticed to others, but we’re sure you’ll feel a difference behind the wheel. Replacing your tires is a simple upgrade that can help keep you safe on the road by improving your car’s handling and lowering your risk of hydroplaning. Or if you often find yourself off the beaten path, you might consider sizing up your tires to increase your vehicle’s ground clearance and facilitate terrain driving.

At our stereo shop near you, our experts can determine if you’re in need of new tires and can even install them for you, too. And if you decide you’d like to equip your ride with bigger tires, we offer a selection of the market’s best brands.

4 - Remote Start

If you’ve ever wanted a vehicle with remote start, a quick installation can add this convenient accessory into your ride. An aftermarket remote start system allows you to start your car from up to three miles away, which can especially come in handy on those hot summer days when you want to return to a nice, cooled down car.

Whether you’d like to lock your doors or start your engine, our two-way remote start systems confirm your request has been received via your smartphone, so you won’t have to guess if your vehicle got your message.

5 - Window Tint

One of the most sought-after auto accessories in San Diego is window tint. While some drivers install it to boost the aesthetic of their ride, others do to make the most of its many benefits. Window tint can help reduce glare, keep your interior cool, preserve your upholstery, and protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

Window film is incredibly versatile, too. Some films are dark and opaque, while others are completely transparent. No matter what kind of film you choose, our experts can ensure your window tint is smoothly and perfectly installed.

Shop Our San Diego Auto Accessories Today!

Your hunt for a stereo shop near you is over. At Stereo Depot, our huge selection of auto accessories in San Diego will turn heads and elevate your driving experience. Whether you’re looking for a subtle upgrade or something that stops traffic, our professional installers can help!

Don’t wait to take advantage of all that our San Diego auto accessories have to offer. Stop by one of our stereo shops in San Diego or El Cajon to get started. Once you arrive, our friendly staff will be there to greet you and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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