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4 Subwoofers to Bump Up the Bass in Your Car Audio System

And Other Auto Accessories to Improve Your Vehicle’s Sound

Do you want your car audio to turn heads? Then you need to pump up the bass with a high-quality car subwoofer. But there are so many options when you hit the search bar for “best car subwoofers,” that it’s difficult to narrow down which one is right for your style and budget.

You’re in luck, because the experts at Stereo Depot have a few car subwoofer favorites they’d like to share, so you can bump your bass up into beast mode in no time.

1. JBL Subwoofers for Ultra-Low Distortion

If distortion is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to car audio pushing out bass, then you want to install a car subwoofer from JBL by Harmon. The BassPRO series is designed to lower distortion, improve your bass, all while being incredibly compact.

You can add a JBL subwoofer under your seat with the BassPROSL, add big sound with the GT-BassPRO12, or take your car audio customization to the next level with the BassProHUB, which is a car subwoofer that fits in your spare tire.

JBL makes several other auto accessories to completely tailor your listening experience. Ask the professionals at Stereo Depot about JBL remote bass control, so you can control the amount of sound your bass kicks out at a moment’s notice.

2. Choose Rockford Fosgate to Enhance Your Car Audio on a Budget

Rockford Fosgate is a fan favorite with the audio experts at Stereo Depot. That’s because they offer car stereo solutions for every style and budget. Want to upgrade your car subwoofers without breaking the bank? Then ask for the Prime series subwoofers by Rockford Fosgate.

Not only do these durable and high-tech subwoofers come at an affordable price, they’re versatile, too! You can build your bass from the ground up, or enhance your current stock audio system with extra bass.

When you combine Rockford Fosgate subwoofers with a matching car audio amplifier, no one will ever know you boosted your bass on a budget. If you can’t pay for your car audio installation all at once, don’t worry. Stereo Depot offers Snap! Finance, an easy way for those with low or no credit to pay for car audio upgrades and accessories.

3. Show Off Your Sound and Your Style With JL Audio

JL Audio car subwoofers offer a premier mix of style and power. That’s because JL Audio takes a uniquely high-tech approach to sound, by working closely with engineers in one of the world’s most advanced loudspeaker assembly facilities.

For instance, the JL Audio 12W1V3 subwoofer is perfect for audiophiles who like a deep bass in particular. They hit hard and clear, so your favorite low-notes are the highlight of every song on your playlist. Even better, these subwoofers are only 12 inches, which means they won’t take up much space in your car.

Just be sure to schedule your car stereo upgrade soon, because JL Audio is a hot product and doesn’t last long in our inventory. So contact Stereo Depot today to get your next car audio installation started.

4. Make Your Car Audio Go All Out With Alpine

Do you like it loud? Then you need to ask which one of Alpine’s extensive collection of car subwoofers is right for your ride. Each Alpine subwoofer is powerful and designed to have an excellent bass response, which means your bass will blast with deep, crystal-clear quality.

The loudest subwoofer series from Alpine is the R-Series. The best part about this subwoofer series is that it can produce in-your-face bass, while also delivering years of high-quality bass without the smallest amount of distortion.

The R-Series by Alpine is extremely accurate. It hits all the right notes with precision while delivering a vast frequency range. When you power these subs with an Alpine car amplifier, your neighbors will hear you heading home from miles away.

Don’t forget to ask the professionals at Stereo Depot about Alpine’s exclusive subwoofers for trucks and get big bass from a compact subwoofer designed for the tight space of your truck cabin.

Enhance Your Car Audio With Subwoofers and Amplifiers Installed by Stereo Depot

When you want to upgrade your car audio, turn to the experts at Stereo Depot. We have the best aftermarket auto accessories on the market, and can transform your sound system into something incredible. From car speakers to sound damping, expect nothing but the best from the installers at Stereo Depot.

It’s time to blast your bass by calling our store in San Diego at (619) 514-2928, our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210, or sending us a message online.

Did you know Alpine audio also makes subwoofers and amplifiers for boats? Talk to one of our experts today about how you can enhance your experience out on the water with a marine audio upgrade from Stereo Depot!

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