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Alpine - Car Audio Subwoofers

Get the Most Popular Alpine Subwoofers Available at Stereo Depot!

Alpine’s extensive selection of subwoofers to fit any car, truck, or SUV packs a real punch when it comes to bass tones. From halo-enclosed re-loaded subwoofers, the S-series, R-series, X-series, massive 10- and 12-inch bass subwoofers, and powered, enclosed subs, Alpine is responsible for the cars that go BOOM. 


Find the top Alpine subwoofers and get them professionally installed at Stereo Depot on Broadway in El Cajon and El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego. 


Below are the best Alpine Subwoofer series available at Stereo Depot:

A pre-loaded, linkable subwoofer enclosure that sounds as good as it looks.


Huge air movement and bass output. Works optimally in a sound system made of other X-Series components.


Halo Enclosed


Designed for the tight interior space of a truck and optimized for the unique cabin shape and size.


The Alpine S-Series are the perfect factory-upgrade solution with sizes to fit almost any vehicle, even those with limited space.




Fun and loud subwoofers that deliver dependable performance and quality sound.



Budget-friendly and powerful bass designed to Alpine’s exacting quality and reliability standards.


Bass Series

The quality you’d expect from Alpine, with an amplifier and speaker driver within the enclosure for a more powerful bass effect.


Boxes & Powered

Stereo Depot carries a variety of auto subwoofers for each Alpine subwoofer series. Please visit one of our locations at 1149 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021 or 6445 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115 or contact us for more information about specific Alpine subwoofers for your vehicle.

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