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3 Considerations Before Installing New Vehicle Lighting

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Explore Your Options For Aftermarket Car Lights in San Diego at Stereo Depot

While your headlights are a daily-used function on your vehicle, you may not know the vast options out there for aftermarket lights! The factory lighting on your car provides you with bare minimum support and little-to-no style. Invest in new lighting for your vehicle, enhance your visibility on the road, and give your car a personalized look no one else has.

With any new upgrade for your car, you should always take careful consideration before moving forward. This includes weighing your options, assessing your needs, and finding the right place to install your new upgrade. When you decide it’s time to invest in new vehicle lighting, there are a few important questions to consider first.

1: How Will You Use Your New Vehicle Lighting?

Before you get new vehicle lighting installed, consider how, when, and why you use your headlights. Visibility and safety should always remain a priority; however, style and aesthetics also make a difference in your lighting choices. The most popular lighting options for vehicles are LED lights. Automotive aftermarket LED lights are an energy efficient alternative to your factory headlights. They also provide a brighter, longer-lasting light than traditional headlights.

LED lights come in several styles and solutions, depending on what you’re using them for. Consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Where will I be using these lights the majority of the time?

Do you live in an area with unlit areas or a lack of street lighting? LED lights provide a wider range of visibility, especially on darker roads.

  • Will I be using my new vehicle lighting for off-roading?

If you need additional lighting for off-roading or camping, HID lights may be suitable. HID stands for high intensity discharge, which means these are brighter than the standard light bulb. This added brightness makes them ideal for off-roading in dark areas. High quality HID and LED headlights and light bars add additional visibility for your off-roading vehicle and are designed to withstand faster speeds.

  • Does style matter to me?

If you want to enhance your vehicle's appearance, LED accent lights come in a range of styles, colors, and brightness. This allows you to personalize your vehicle to your liking. Installing LED lights underneath your car - also called underglow - or inside the cabin can add a futuristic and stylish appearance. At Stereo Depot, we carry aftermarket car lights in San Diego for every kind of vehicle.

2: Are LED Headlights Legal in California?

It's incredibly important that you understand the local and federal regulations governing vehicle lighting in your area. In most places, there are regulations concerning the color, brightness, and placement of lights, as well as when they can be used. Because LED lights are incredibly bright, regulations are in place to ensure your lights don’t cause any blinding or visibility issues for other drivers on the road.

In California, automotive aftermarket LED lights are legal, as long as they are white, have amber turn signals, and are within the 2,513-lumen limit. At Stereo Depot, we follow state regulations and laws for all of our new vehicle lighting installs. You don’t have to worry about any potential legal issues with our trustworthy team’s professional installation.

3: Who Is Installing Your New Vehicle Lighting?

The installation process and wiring are critical aspects to consider when adding new lights to your vehicle. Improperly installed or wired aftermarket lights are hazardous and can lead to electrical problems if left unfixed. It's wise to consult a professional or an experienced automotive technician for your lighting installation.

Stereo Depot takes every installation seriously. We use the highest quality materials and carry the best brands in the market. Our technicians will assess your vehicle's needs, your wants, and safety standards. We also ensure we choose the right mounting location, the type of mounting hardware needed, and the power source for the lights.

Are You Ready to Get Your New Vehicle Lighting Installed at Stereo Depot?

If you think it might be time for a lighting upgrade on your vehicle, visit Stereo Depot in San Diego! We provide stellar service, whether you’re looking for a car radio replacement, custom fabrications, or electronic upgrades.

We have two incredible locations where you can browse our products and meet our technicians! Reach out to our team to see how you can enhance your ride and shine brighter every time you hit the road.

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