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Your Ultimate Guide to Powersports Audio Upgrades

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

How to Do Off-Road Audio Like a Pro

If you’ve been in the Powersports game for even a little bit, then you already know that nothing cranks up the off-road action quite like a good soundtrack coming through premium quality speakers. However, a lot of UTVs and side-by-side vehicles don’t come with audio equipment at all, so it’s on you as the owner to build this out for yourself. If you have recently come into possession of a new UTV or side-by-side and don’t know where to begin with your UTV audio system or side-by-side speakers, then you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for off-roaders that are powerful and won’t break the bank as far as budget is concerned. Let’s break this down.

Full Audio Kit Options

When upgrading your UTV audio, you want to go with a power source and components that are quite literally meant to take a beating. The life of an off-roader is a bumpy one that’s going to challenge your equipment with bumps, bruises, rattling, mud, and rain. Take it from us, the tougher the equipment you can get, the better. That’s why we like the Rockford Fosgate Polaris RZR Audio Kit. This is a great starter kit for those that want to add sound to their UTV or side-by-side, but aren’t quite ready to go all-in with subwoofers and an amp. The kit features four 6.5” speakers total (two for the front, two for the back) and a PM1-media receiver. All the wiring harnesses are plug-and-play, and every single piece of equipment included is marine grade audio. That means it can handle the punishment of the outdoor elements without so much as flinching. For a retail price of $1,549 this is a great kit to start out with.

If you’re ready to go above and beyond with your UTV audio installation, then you want the Can Am X3 Complete 6 Speaker Plug-and-Play Audio System w/JVC. This package is going to cover all the bases of your sound system and then some. It includes a JVC MR1 media receiver with a backup camera, a pair of 6.5” front speakers, a pair of 6.5” rear-mounted cage speakers, a pair of 10” Kicker subwoofers to be installed under the driver and passenger seats, and a direct-fit amp mounting system with two pre-tuned Kicker amps that total 800w. The Can Am X3 is completely plug-and-play and features Bluetooth capability, a USB port, 2.7” color display, global tuner, and 7-band EQ. It’s also SiriusXM-ready for those that want to listen to premium quality radio stations while they go off-roading. Finally, the waterproof rating on the Can Am X3 is IPX6, which means it can handle any water or moisture that comes its way. At a retail price of around $2,900, the Can Am audio kit is one of the more expensive UTV audio installations you can get. However, it’s well worth the investment if you’re a serious off-roader that values sound quality, features, and rugged construction.

A la Carte Speaker Options

For those of you that have the in-dash unit or stereo portion covered and simply want an upgrade in sound quality, there are plenty of speakers for side-by-sides that are both affordable and powerful. For instance, you can get a set of 3” Kicker PSM enclosed mountable speaker pods for $200. The adjustable clamp-style makes them incredibly easy to install, and they feature 50 watts RMS and 100 watts of peak power. They’ve got a lot of punch for running on the small side. Best of all, the Kickers are built to withstand the elements with weather-resistant construction and speaker wires. That’s just one example of the many speakers for side-by-sides you can consider upgrading to. The bigger and more powerful you go, the better sound you’re going to get.

Upgrade Your UTV or Side-by-Side Audio Today at Stereo Depot in San Diego

As we’ve outlined here, you have more than a few options when it comes to UTV audio systems and speakers for side-by-sides. You can go with full kits or the a la carte option. It really depends on what you want out of your off-road sound and what your budget allows. No need to try to figure it out on your own. Do it the easy way by paying us a visit in person at one of our two locations in El Cajon and San Diego.

Once we know what type of UTV or side-by-side that you have, we can show you some of our top products and let you decide what’s going to be best for your off-roading adventures. Feel free to contact us via our website with any questions you may have.

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