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What is the WebLink App for Car Stereos?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

If your car stereo system features an in-vehicle display, you are surely aware of all of the benefits the dashboard screen brings. It allows you to clearly see the music you are listening to, and possibly even watch your favorite movie as well! What you may not know is the myriad of functionality the WebLink® App can unlock in your car stereo system, giving you access to tons of exciting iPhone or Android apps. So what exactly is the WebLink App? WHAT IS WEBLINK? WebLink is a cutting edge application that allows you to project your favorite smartphone apps onto the screen of your car stereo system. This allows you to have easy and convenient access to an incredible array of smartphone apps, no matter if you have an iPhone or Android.

WHAT APPS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH WEBLINK? A large variety of smartphone apps are compatible with WebLink, including Waze, YouTube, Yelp, and much more! App compatibility may vary based on the car radio, but in general you will have access to many different types of popular apps. WILL MY EXISTING CAR STEREO WORK WITH WEBLINK? If you are curious if your existing car stereo will work with WebLink, look for the WebLink certified logo in the owner’s manual or on the product packaging. You can also just download the app and see if it works! In general, recently released car stereos from JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Panasonic, and other leading stereo brands should be compatible with WebLink. If you are still unsure if your existing car stereo will work with WebLink, take your vehicle to a local car stereo expert to have them inspect it. If your car stereo isn’t compatible, Stereo Depot in San Diego and El Cajon can get you a new stereo system that is! Give us a call at (619) 286-1234.

HOW DOES WEBLINK CONNECT TO MY SMARTPHONE? You are able to stream your smartphone to your car screen through the WebLink app either using a USB cord or WiFi. Most new car stereo systems come with a USB output, so you just need to plug your phone in and get going. INSTALL A WEBLINK COMPATIBLE SMARTPHONE AT STEREO DEPOT Take your car stereo system and driving experience to the next level with WebLink. The application is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store, allowing iPhone and Android users the luxury of accessing different apps on their stereo screen while they drive. If your car stereo system is not compatible, contact Stereo Depot in San Diego or El Cajon. We offer custom installation of the newest models in car stereo, all of which are compatible with WebLink. To learn more, give us a call at (619) 286-1234.

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