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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Car Audio System

San Diego Car Audio Upgrades Play Your Music Like the Artist Intended

With the Californian spring in our headlights, there’s a lot of fun travel and road trips to look forward to. But is there something you’re forgetting? Your car audio system is a central part of what makes such trips fun and exciting, offering the soundtrack to some of the most memorable times of your life. Even the most mundane of journeys can be made all the brighter if you have your favorite music playing. Is your current system really doing the trick? In this guide, we look at some of the ways you can tell you need car audio upgrades in San Diego.

Is the Sound Quality of Your Car Audio System Up to Par?

The interior of a vehicle can be the perfect place to listen to your favorite tunes. The enclosed space makes for great acoustics and a unique listening experience. The hard surfaces of the vehicle bounce the sound waves around, and you shouldn’t lose definition. The noise-canceling properties of most vehicles also make the interior a good place to hear all the little details of music.

So, if you play music in your vehicle and find you’re not really getting the emotional feeling you usually do when you play music through headphones or on a high-quality home theater system, you have to consider why. It’s often because the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sound system isn’t capable of playing your music in its full glory. The frequency range is lower, so you don’t get that punchy bass or high trilling vocals. The clarity of the sound can be muddy, so it’s hard to pick up all of the details of the track. With poor stereo separation, instruments that were meant to sound distinct instead blend together to make a poor approximation of the artist’s original intent.

Fiddling With The Graphic Equalizer in Your Car Audio System?

If you care about sound quality but don’t have a good car audio system, you’ll likely have found yourself trying to fix the sound after the fact with your stereo system’s built-in equalizer. This may only have some basic settings for upping and lowering the bass and treble. Often, there are some defaults for music genres like rock, pop, and classical.

But there’s only so much you can do with such basic control to try to fix the issues of a poor car audio installation and equipment selection. Turning up the bass in the equalizer will make the bass louder in the mix, but you’ll never get the meaty bass you truly desire because your car’s speakers simply don’t have the capacity for it. This is why you need a car audio upgrade with a proper set of speakers and a subwoofer.

Does Your Car Audio System Offer the Features You Need?

Even if your car audio system sounds good to you, there are other reasons you might need an upgrade. If your car audio doesn’t have Bluetooth, you’ll struggle to play music on your car stereo from your mobile devices. You’ll typically need a Bluetooth adaptor that awkwardly connects via a cable to the stereo input, so a system with built-in Bluetooth is much more convenient.

Modern car stereo systems can do so much more than play music, too. With a touchscreen head unit with support for a mobile internet connection, you can add navigation to your car. You can view maps and directions on the screen, and if you choose a system with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support, you can display and interact with thousands of different apps through the touchscreen. You can stream music directly from streaming services like Spotify, and make selections through voice command, so you keep your hands on the wheel as your favorite music plays over your car stereo.

Schedule San Diego Car Audio Installation

So, are you thinking “It’s time to find professional installers of car audio near me,” Stereo Depot offers the best in San Diego car audio upgrades and the most talented car audio specialists in the business. Whether you just need some new car speakers, a replacement head unit, or sound damping, or if you want to replace your car audio system entirely with a top-of-the-line aftermarket sound system, Stereo Depot in San Diego and El Cajon, California, has you covered. Get in touch with us today, or simply come down to one of our shops for some discussion on how you can get the best new car audio installation for the upcoming spring and summer.

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