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Everything You Need to Know About Apple CarPlay

The Car Audio System Integration Feature You Want in Your Ride

Apple CarPlay is a feature that allows iPhone users to connect their smartphone to their car's infotainment system, giving them access to the phone's features and apps on the car's display screen. Users can make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music, and access maps and other navigation tools without ever having to hold their phone.

This integration is available in many new cars and can also be added to older vehicles with aftermarket car audio systems. In fact, Apple CarPlay works with many different sizes and types of head units, supporting touchscreens, steering wheel buttons, rotary dials, and hands-free microphones.

Upgrading an Older Vehicle

Most new cars are compatible with Apple CarPlay. However, you can easily add the integration to an older vehicle, thanks to a variety of aftermarket head units available from top brands such as Kenwood and Pioneer. Keep in mind that most car audio systems that come with Apple CarPlay are also compatible with Android Auto, the Android phone user’s equivalent integration. This means that regardless of the type of phone you end up with after your next upgrade, you’ll still be able to enjoy the features of your car stereo.

How to Use Apple CarPlay

To use CarPlay, users connect their iPhones to the car using a USB cable or wirelessly, depending on the technology. The phone's interface is then mirrored on the car's display screen, allowing the user to access and control the phone's features using the car's controls.

Apple CarPlay is designed to be used while driving and includes several safety features. For example, the interface is designed to be easy to read and use, and it allows users to control their phones using voice commands. This allows users to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

All newer versions of iOS support CarPlay, and the number of features available continues to rise as the system is perfected. One of the latest updates allows CarPlay to use other screens in the vehicle, such as the digital gauge cluster. Delivery of notifications is now more customizable, and there are new preset wallpapers if your aesthetic is important to you.

Controlling your iPhone Apps via Apple CarPlay

In addition to the built-in features, CarPlay also allows users to access and use many of their favorite apps on the car's display screen. These include apps for music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. This way, users can access a wide range of entertainment options while on the road.

Apple’s own Apple Music, Messages, Calendar, Maps, News, and Podcasts can all be controlled via CarPlay. Third-party apps are extensive, with developers requiring permission from Apple before CarPlay support is available.

With Apple CarPlay, you can order food and set up parking services. You can use messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom, including the ability to make VoIP (Voice over IP) calls. Navigation apps abound, with popular options being Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. Another major use of Apple CarPlay is to deliver audio content, via apps like Amazon Music, QQ Music, Spotify, Audible, and many more third-party streaming services.

Manufacturers can add their own specific controls in their vehicles that interact with CarPlay. Some vehicles allow you to check the gas levels, adjust the climate controls, and control the AM/FM radio.

Where Can I Find Upgrades to Car Audio Near Me?

If you want to add a convenient and safe way to use your iPhone and connect it with your car stereo with more features than Bluetooth, then you’ll want to upgrade your car audio system to include Apple CarPlay capabilities. Stay connected, but safe, as your phone and stereo work cohesively together to create an in-car tech experience you’ll love. Choosing a car audio system that supports Apple CarPlay if you’re an iPhone user is a no-brainer.

What’s also a no-brainer? Coming to Stereo Depot in San Diego or El Cajon to choose your new car audio equipment. We make selecting, purchasing, and installing your new system the most straightforward and convenient way to add Apple CarPlay integration to your ride.

Best of all, when our professional installers take care of adding your new stereo to your vehicle, you’ll receive both a warranty from the equipment manufacturer and on our workmanship, and we’ll provide you with support you need as long as you own the system.

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