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Does Window Tint Really Block UV Rays?

How Window Tint Installation Can Protect You From Harmful UV Rays

Another California summer is right around the corner, and now more than ever is the perfect time for window tint installation.

There are many reasons why window tint is the perfect addition to your car. It’s a quick and easy installation that comes with many benefits. The greatest benefit, however, is that tinting your car windows can block the UV rays of the sun.

Window tint installation will not only give your ride a sleek, luxurious look, but also protect your skin and the interior of your car from the damage the sun can do.

What is Window Tint?

Whether you’re just starting to get into cars or it's been a hobby for years, you may not be familiar with all the ins-and-outs of window tint installation.

Window tint installation involves applying a thin overlay, called window film, onto the inside glass of your vehicle to make it darker.

Window film is meant to withstand everything that a car may experience, so it’s adhesively applied to your vehicle, and if done correctly, can last years.

There are many different reasons that drivers decide to apply window tint to their ride.

Window film can increase privacy and security, as it prevents outsiders from being able to see inside your vehicle. This could ultimately protect any personal belongings that you may keep inside your car or that new stereo system you just installed.

Others may choose to install window tint to better the environment. Because window tint acts as a barrier between the sun and your car’s interior, it decreases interior heat and gradually improves your vehicle’s fuel economy, which can decrease the amount of greenhouse gasses your car releases as you drive.

However, a big reason people decide to install window tint is because of its protection against UV rays.

The Power of UV Rays

It’s no secret that the sun’s ultraviolet, or UV, rays can be extremely dangerous.

UV radiation is involved with the sun’s natural energy and because UV light has shorter wavelengths compared to visible light, we aren’t able to see UV rays, but they can still reach our skin.

This can then cause severe damage to your skin and possibly cause skin cancer.

You may feel safe from the sun when you’re behind the wheel, but these powerful rays can actually go through glass, coming in contact with you and your car’s interior.

Your car windows are able to block some UV radiation, but not enough to fully shield you and the inside of your car from the forceful rays. Over time, the sunlight can cause damage or fading to your car’s interior, including the seats, carpeting, and dashboard.

Window tint installation can not only protect your skin from sun damage, but also keep your vehicle looking brand new.

How Does Window Tint Block UV Rays?

So, how does window tint work? UV radiation window film is purposefully designed to absorb and reflect harmful UV rays, guiding them away from your vehicle.

Not all window tint is the same, and depending on its purpose, it can exist in various materials and thicknesses.

While some types of window tint include UV protection, others do not, which is why it’s important to be cautious as you select which window tint to apply to your ride.

At Stereo Depot, we offer multiple options for window tint with a variety of features, so you can decide one that best fits your needs and personal vehicle.

Types of Tint To Consider

If you’re looking specifically for UV protection, you’ll want to skip the most basic film and opt for one with high-tech features.

Ceramic window film uses advanced nano-ceramic technology to provide a cooler, more comfortable ride and also protects against UV rays.

Non-reflective window film offers UV protection, in addition to privacy and heat control. Because it isn’t metalized, it won’t interfere with cell phone or satellite radio signals.

High-performance window film is a charcoal window film that rejects heat from the sun and provides favorable solar energy reduction. You’ll need to blast your air conditioner far less with this tint, while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

A Note About Dark Window Tint

Did you know that window tint can be too dark? If not done carefully, dark window tint may hinder your visibility and become dangerous - and break the law.

Our professionals at Stereo Depot are familiar with the window tint regulations in California, so you won’t need to question whether your window tint follows these guidelines appropriately.

Window Tint Installation at Stereo Depot

Install your window tint at Stereo Depot. We offer quality window tint installation for an affordable price, so you won’t have to break your budget to keep you and your car protected. And when you have us professionally install it, you’ll receive both the manufacturer’s warranty on the tint you purchase, and our own warranty on our workmanship. If there’s ever an issue with your tint, bring your car in, and we’ll determine how we can help you get back on the road.

Window Tint Installation Near You

Our friendly, highly-trained professionals at Stereo Depot want to help you install window tint onto your ride.

Visit one of our locations in San Diego or El Cajon to begin protecting yourself and your vehicle from the California sun.

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