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Brand Spotlight: Alpine

Your Comprehensive List of Alpine Products for 2021

If you’ve had even a passing interest in car stereo or audio equipment in the last few decades, then you’ve probably heard the Alpine name. Alpine car stereos and speakers are widely regarded as some of the best aftermarket car accessories you can get by retailers, and Stereo Depot is no exception. We proudly champion the Alpine brand because they manufacture top quality products and our customers always drive away happy after install. They’re also highly affordable and reliable, which means that once you get Alpine equipment installed, you can count on it lasting for a long while.

The following list breaks down the latest and greatest from the Alpine brand, and are all in stock and ready to install at your local Stereo Depot.

Alpine Stereos (install and stereo replacement)

If you have an earlier model car, then you’re missing out on all the advantages of what a new Alpine car stereo has to offer. All of the most recent models of Alpine stereos feature Bluetooth technology, allowing you to seamlessly synch up your Android or Apple phone so that you can stream your favorite Pandora or Spotify playlist. Additionally, the touch screen panel features large icons (not unlike a cell phone) so that you can easily and safely navigate the menu while driving. The Alpine iLX line of stereos has proven to be a huge hit with customers, and are manufactured to fit most makes and models of vehicle, including luxury imports.

Alpine Speakers

If you want to upgrade your sound and experience peak performance in audio quality, then there’s no better route than a set of Alpine speakers. Alpine uses some of the highest quality materials in the industry, so they’re going to last longer and handle better when pushed to the limit. The majority of Alpine woofer cones these days are made out of pearl-mica injected polypropylene or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, providing clean and heavy basslines. The overall sound quality of Alpine speakers and the budget-friendly price tag has made them a customer favorite. The Alpine S-S65C, Alpine SPE-6000, and Alpine S-S40 are all great places to start with your shopping process. What’s convenient about Alpine is that they offer total sound packages, so you can get just speakers, or an entire system that includes subwoofers and tweeters.

Alpine Amps

No car audio sound system is complete without an amplifier. This is where the majority of your power is going to come from when you’re those blasting bass-heavy tracks that require a little extra wattage. Fortunately, the Alpine brand has several amp options for your car, truck, or SUV that are low profile yet powerful. The Alpine KTA-450 Power Pack and Alpine S-A60M are both great options that retail for a couple hundred bucks, and both of them are surefire ways to pack some extra punch to your overall sound.

Marine & Powersport Speakers

Leave it to Alpine to think of every single type of customer that is out there. Not just on the road, but off-road and on the water. Alpine has tons of stereo and audio packages for those with powersport vehicles or marine vessels such as boats or jet skis. Since life off-road can be a little bumpy, Alpine has made sure to build these products ruggedly so that they can handle anything rocky terrain or choppy waters may throw at them. At Stereo Depot, all you have to do is tell us what type of powersport vehicle or boat you have and we can bring up an entire selection of stereos, speaker packages, and amps. We make the process incredibly easy.

Upgrade Today with Alpine!

Now that you know what the Alpine brand has to offer, all that’s left is for you to set up your installation. The team at Stereo Depot has years of experience installing Alpine products in all manner of vehicles (standard, powersport, or marine), so all you need to do is come by our shop so that we can find the perfect sound set-up for you.

Stereo Depot has two locations – one in El Cajon and one in San Diego. We’re open every day of the week, so feel free to stop by and see us. Tell your local sales associate you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle’s sound with Alpine.

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