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3 Motorcycle Accessories You’ll Yearn for This Fall

Elevate Your Ride with These Motorcycle Audio Accessories

As the fall season comes into full swing, you’ll want to make sure your motorcycle is ready for those open road rides in the crisp, California air. But what exactly makes a motorcycle “ready” for your upcoming adventures? Is it a full tank of gas? Tires pumped up with air? While both of these are undoubtedly important, riders often forget about the thing that makes your whole experience so memorable in the first place. And that's your motorcycle’s stereo system.

Follow along as we reveal three motorcycle accessories to add to your motorcycle audio system before you hit the road this fall.

Why it Matters

Motorcycle accessories (especially audio products) are obviously going to be smaller than what you’d find in a car. But don’t let their small size fool you - these accessories have a big performance that provides you with a full, resonating sound.

So, what makes motorcycle accessories different from what you’d find on four wheels? When browsing audio products for their ride, motorcyclists have to account for things that other drivers don’t even need to think about.

Noise…And a lot of it. On every make and model of motorcycle, you can expect the rider to be seated right on top of the engine. This, plus other noises from the road, is not exactly the perfect recipe for peace and quiet. Not to mention the added muffled sound you’ll get from wearing a helmet. All of these factors can really make it difficult to enjoy your tunes, so you’ll want to find a way for your music to prevail over the extra noise.

The great outdoors. Unlike a car, motorcycles aren’t completely enclosed, meaning that they’re exposed to any and all outdoor elements. Think rain, UV rays, road debris and more. Because of this, motorcycle accessories should be able to withstand anything that comes their way. High-quality motorcycle products are usually designed with materials that can combat these elements.

Limited space. It’s no surprise that motorcycles are a lot smaller than cars that have leg room, a trunk and other storage spaces throughout the vehicle. This extra space allows a car audio system to take up a little bit more room whereas a motorcycle audio system has to get more creative. It’s important for motorcyclists to find accessories that are compact, yet nothing short of powerful.

3 Motorcycle Accessories You’ll Want to Install

With that being said, here are the accessories you'll need to enhance your motorcycle’s audio system and bring it to its full potential. The good news is you can find it all at Stereo Depot.

1. Speakers

Upgrading your motorcycle speakers can make a huge difference to your sound. These compact, yet extremely powerful accessories are typically found on the handlebars or saddlebags to preserve weight distribution. Aftermarket motorcycle speakers are often heavy-duty and built to face any dust or debris they might encounter.

2. An Amplifier

To really hear your music loud and clear on the open road, your speakers are going to need power. Installing a high-power, efficient aftermarket amplifier will give the speakers the boost they need to drown out any wind or other road noise. Amplifiers not only power your sound, but also have features that give you total control over your listening experience.

3. An Upgraded Stereo

Your audio upgrades will be useless if you can’t actually enjoy the tunes you’re trying to play. Ensure your motorcycle’s audio system can keep up with your advancements by installing a new motorcycle stereo. This prevents any sound distortion and allows you to listen to music how it should be played - loud.

Upgrade Your Motorcycle Stereo System at Stereo Depot

Stop searching for “car audio near me” on the web. Instead, visit us at Stereo Depot for all your motorcycle audio needs. We have everything you’re looking for to take your motorcycle stereo system to the next level with products from the most-trusted brands on the market, like JBL and Rockford Fosgate.

Our high-quality motorcycle audio packages will turn heads as you cruise around sunny California. At Stereo Depot, you’ll have access to complete audio packages to install into your Harley Davidson. Even better, you don’t have to attempt to do-it-yourself. Our professional installers are happy to help and get your motorcycle back on the road as soon as possible.

Ready to ride? Visit Stereo Depot at one of our two locations in San Diego and El Cajon. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message on our website.

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