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Memphis Audio - Powersports Audio Solutions, Tops, & Lighting

Powersports Audio Amplifiers, Speakers, Bolt On Audio Solutions, Bluetooth Solutions, Bass Solutions, MXA Tops, Audio Connections, & Lighting

Memphis Extreme Audio provides a wide range of high quality, element-resistant powersports equipment. All Memphis Audio powersports products perform in whatever rugged conditions you put your UTV or off-road vehicle through. They look amazing doing it, too! Take your UTV or other off-road vehicle to the next level with upgrades from Memphis Extreme Audio.

MXA Powersports Audio Amplifiers

 Ultra-compact amplifier can be stashed in your saddle bag or in your UTV.


MXA4.45 - 240w 4-Channel

Ultra-compact amplifier that brings big power even when space and the elements are factors.


Ultra-compact amplifier that brings big power even when space and the elements are factors.


MXA300.4 - 300w 4-Channel Marine Grade Amplifier

MXA5.600 - 600w 5-Channel

MXA Powersports Speakers

UV coated to withstand harsh sunlight, these 8” speakers provide amazing sound and deep bass, even in the open air.


These speakers can withstand the toughest conditions, thanks to a high temp abs composite basket, UV coating, and water resistance.


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MXA80L - 8" Coaxial w/ LED

MXA69L - 6x9 Coaxial w/ LED 

MXA60L - 6.5" Coaxial w/ LED 

MXA Powersports Bolt On Audio Solutions

The most innovative, versatile, and powerful soundbar on the market, with four 4x6” speakers and four tweeters, with an app-controlled interface.


Two tweeters and eight mids are housed in a self-powered, plug-and-play soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity.


Bring huge sound to your powersports machine with two power speakers pushed by a 2-channel 5Ow amp with Bluetooth connectivity.


MXA46SB28 - 28" App Controlled Overhead Soundbar with Bluetooth and RGB LED

MXASB35 - 35" Powersports Soundbar

MXABMB2BT - 2 Black Bullet Style Powersports Speaker Kit With Bluetooth

MXA Bluetooth Audio Solutions

Control your music with your phone or Bluetooth device safely tucked away from the elements.


Separately control cabin zone and tower zone speakers on a large LCD display with night mode.


Connect additional audio equipment to your Polaris Ride-Command factory system without changing your head unit.


MXABTRX - Bluetooth Controller w/ AUX 

MXAZ24MC - Multi Zone Media Center W/ Subwoofer 

RCDRCA - Polaris Ride-Command Head Unit RCA Adapter 

MXA Powersports Bass Solutions

Water-resistant system with rich, full sound, courtesy of the on-board 10” sub and passive radiator.


MXA110SPD - 10" Xtreme Marine Nanoboxx Underseat Bass System

MXA Powersports Tops

MXA tops are custom-built to fit your side-by-side with high performance marine-grade audio components.


Custom Top

MXA Powersports Lighting

A four-button keychain remote controls 10 individual 4.5” RGB LED strips’ speed, flash, and fade to put on an impressive lightshow.


Light up your subwoofer with an RGB LED ring, sold to fit any size MXA sub.


MXALEDFOB - Keychain Controlled LED Light Kit

MXALEDSB1- MXA Subwoofer LED ring 

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