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Memphis Audio - Car Stereo Amplifiers

The Best Inventory of Memphis Audio Car Stereo Amplifiers

Car stereo amplifiers from Memphis Audio are responsible for helping your speakers deliver quality sound and giving you a greater appreciation for the music you already love. Choose from three amplifier series for complete customization of your ride’s stereo system at Stereo Depot, southern California’s best car audio store.


Below are the most popular Memphis Audio car stereo amplifier series available at Stereo Depot:

These amps come after more than 50 years of innovation. These amplifiers give you precision control and power to deliver a flawless sound.


VIV | SIXFIVE Series Amplifiers

These amps are the workhorse of the whole line. PR should stand for “powerful and reliable,” in this case.


PR | Power Reference Series Amplifiers

These amplifiers are aggressive performers, with top style and great value. Push the limits of your car audio without spending every dime you have.


Street Reference Series Amplifiers

Stereo Depot carries a variety of car amplifiers for each Memphis Audio amplifier series. Please visit one of our locations at 1149 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021 or 6445 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115 or contact us for more information about specific Memphis Audio car amps.

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