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Alpine - Car Stereo Speakers

The Best Alpine Car Speakers & Professional Audio Installation

To experience music as the artist originally intended, choose Alpine car speakers. Stereo Depot in El Cajon and San Diego have the largest inventory of Alpine speakers for your car, truck or SUV. With High-Res Audio, superior quality and innovative design, Alpine car speakers are the best aftermarket car speakers available. 


Below are some of the most popular Alpine Car Speakers available at Stereo Depot.

Two-way coaxial speakers, two-way component speakers, and mid-range component speakers include a carbon graphite tweeter, improved cone material, and other additions that should make you pine for Alpine-brand speakers in your car.


Alpine Car Speakers X-Series

Alpine Car Speakers

Alpine Car Speakers

Coaxial two-way speaker sets. These unique speakers provide style and performance, and are a great combination of quality and affordability.


Alpine Car Speakers E-Series

Alpine also manufactures vehicle-specific stereo speakers for Jeep, Toyota, Honda, and Ford Mustang. Please contact us for more information on vehicle-specific Alpine speakers.

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