What is the Difference Between HID and LED Headlights?

You probably don’t think about your car headlights that often. You simply accept your headlights for what they are, no matter the quality of the light they provide. However, there are an abundance of different types of headlights on the market, with the two best and most popular being HID headlights and LED headlights. HID and LED headlights have different pros and cons, and if you are looking to upgrade your car’s headlights you should learn what the difference is between HID and LED headlights. Stereo Depot, located in San Diego and El Cajon, specializes in installing new HID and LED headlights, and they break down the difference between the two below. To learn more, contact Stereo Depot by calling (619) 296-1234. HEADLIGHT BRIGHTNESS The greatest difference between HID and LED headlights is the relative brightness of the light. HID headlights, short for high-intensity discharge lights, are incredibly bright and intense versions of a normal bulb. HID bulbs attempt to mimic the look of sunlight, illuminating the road. LED lights use a totally different method to create light, and although they work very well to produce light, they pale in comparison to HID bulbs. HEADLIGHT SIZE LED headlights are much smaller than HID headlights, giving LED headlights much more versatility. LED lights can more easily fit into a variety of different makes or models of vehicles with little to no adjustments. HEADLIGHT LIFESPAN AND DURABILITY LED headlights are far more durable and have a longer lifespan. LED lights are shockproof and have no moving parts, making them very durable. Conversely, HID lights have moving parts, and filaments, as well as the potential for the bulb to move, making them a liability to break. LED headlights also have a lifespan of nearly 25,000 hours, while HID headlights tend to last around 5,000 hours. HEADLIGHT PRICE In general, LED headlights tend to be more expensive than HID headlights, although that can vary based on the brand. If you are looking to save some money, you may want to choose to go with HID headlights over LED headlights.

LIGHT COLORS LED lights are limited in the different colors they can be. LED lights can only produce 4 different colors, while HID lights have 7 different color options. If having a variety of different color lights in your car is a priority, you may want to go with HID lights. LED AND HID HEADLIGHT INSTALLATION AT STEREO DEPOT Regardless of whether you prefer LED headlights or HID headlights, both are probably better than your existing headlight bulb. At Stereo Depot in San Diego and El Cajon, we specialize in affordable and dependable headlight installation, providing you with strong and bright new headlights, To learn more about the difference between LED and HID headlights or to schedule a headlight installation appointment, contact Stereo Depot today by calling (610) 296-1234.

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