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hid headlight Installation in san Diego & el cajon

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HID lights are a safe and energy efficient way to see the road more clearly at night. If you have trouble driving at night and want to feel safer, HID lights are for you.

HID Headlights = High Intensity Discharge Headlights

The HID in HID lights stands for High Intensity Discharge and refers to the method used to create a the clear light HID headlights produce. HID lights are also sometimes referred to as Xenon HIDs, have become the popular choice for new car headlights.

In HID lights, instead of electricity heating a thin wire filament, it’s passed through a xenon gas that glows brightly, giving off an intense bluish-white light. HID lights offer several benefits compared to traditional headlights.

HID Headlight San Diego & El Cajon.

Bright, Natural Light with HID headlights

HID lights provide a brighter shine then standard headlights, meaning HID headlights help you to see better in the dark. Many drivers report that the bluer HID light makes it easier to see details in the road ahead. The HID lights produce a light that is much more similar to sunlight than the standard headlamp. HID headlights typically cast more light to the sides as well, helping you see the curb.

HID Headlights are More Energy Efficient

Another benefit is that HID lights use less energy. Since that energy is generated by the engine in your car, this leads to improvements in your car’s efficiency!

Types of HID Headlights at Stereo Depot

  • H1

  • p

  • H4/9003

  • H7

  • H10

  • H11

  • H13

  • 880

  • 9004

  • 9005

  • 9006

  • 9007

  • 5202

  • D1

  • D2R

We Carry All Colors of HID Lights

  • 3k

  • 6k

  • 8k

  • 10k

  • 12k

HID Headlight Installation in San Diego and El Cajon

Stereo Depot is the place to go for HID headlights and HID headlamps in San Diego and El Cajon. Contact Stereo Depot with any questions or to schedule service, or just stop by one of our locations! Give Stereo Depot a call at our San Diego location at (619) 286-1234 or our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210.