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6 Benefits of Bluetooth Stereo Connectivity in San Diego

In San Diego, we spend so much time in our cars that it makes sense we’d want to stay connected while we’re in them. Life doesn’t stop just because you’re stuck in traffic on I-5. But, of course, we also want to be safe while we’re out there on the road. Bluetooth stereo connectivity allows us to stay safe and stay connected.

If you still don’t have a Bluetooth system in your car, you might be surprised by how much it can enhance the functionality of your stereo unit – and the quality of your driving experience.

Take a look at these 6 benefits of Bluetooth stereo connectivity.

Audio streaming with Bluetooth Integration

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to catch up on your podcasts, get lost in an audiobook, or jam out to your favorite tunes. The audio streaming function of your Bluetooth system might actually make you look forward to your commute.

Hands-free Phone calls while driving with Bluetooth integrated car stereo system

Your stereo isn’t just for listening to commercial radio anymore. Your Bluetooth system takes over the input and output of audio calls, so you can chitchat your way through pedestrian-heavy Little Italy while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Hands-free texting from a smartphone with Bluetooth Integration

Listen to incoming messages read aloud through your speakers and dictate outgoing messages without using your thumbs. So when your wife texts to ask if you remembered to pick up milk, you can safely reply, “Of course I did,” while using both hands to make a U-turn back toward the grocery store.

Data tethering and applications with Bluetooth Integration

Your car stereo doesn’t need much data to stream audio. With Bluetooth you can tether your car to your phone and get rid of your radio subscription services. Just stream your music or news through apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora, or NPR.

GPS Navigation and driving directions with Bluetooth Stereo System

No need to hold your phone up to your ear to hear the turn-by-turn directions leading you to your hike at Cowles Mountain. With a Bluetooth set-up you’ll hear them loud and clear through your car’s speakers. And if you decide to sit in the car listening to This American Life instead of actually hiking, no one has to know.

Universal and sharable with Bluetooth Integration

When you’re feeling generous enough to let your teenage daughter listen to her music while you drive her to school, she can connect her phone through to the Bluetooth system and blast those moody vampire love songs through your car’s speakers. (Sorry, but we can’t promise you’ll like it more just because you have Bluetooth.)

Stereo Depot Bluetooth audio installation in SAn Diego and El Cajon

At Stereo Depot in San Diego, we’re all about keeping you safe and happy out on the road. Let us set you up with the perfect Bluetooth system for your car. Not sure where to start? Come on in and we’ll take a look at your vehicle, determine your needs, and then equip your car with the latest in wireless and hands-free car Bluetooth systems. Our staff is highly trained and qualified to get your car fully integrated with your smartphone so you can drive away happy – and safe. 

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