San Diego marine audio & stereo system.

How to Choose Marine Speakers for Your Boat in San Diego

With gorgeous weather nearly all year long and plenty of open ocean, bays, and lakes, it’s no surprise that San Diego is a favorite playground for boating enthusiasts. And, of course, nothing goes better with a day on the water than the sound of your favorite tunes.

But don’t bother with a portable Bluetooth speaker—all that water and sun that makes boating so much fun can wreak havoc on electronics that aren’t specified for marine use. When it comes to choosing a marine stereo for your boat, the speakers are key. So if you’re on the hunt for new marine speakers, here are some things to consider while you shop:

Marine stereo & speaker location in your boat

Are you replacing factory-installed speakers or carving out spots for new marine speakers? While the answer will determine the size of the speaker you choose, it’s also important for choosing their location. Boat speakers are directional—this means tweeters should be placed up front and facing the windshield, to bounce sound back and disperse it better. You should also be aware that speakers located near navigation equipment must be magnetically shielded, or the magnet inside the speaker could affect the boat’s compass.

Flush mount and box speakers for your San Diego boat

Box speakers come with their own acoustic enclosures and require no installation, but they can clutter up a boat, especially those without much extra deck space. Flush-mounted speakers are built into the sides of the boat, offering a cleaner look, but they do require professional installation. If your boat already has factory-installed speakers, replacing them is relatively easy.

Marine speaker quality for your boat stereo system

Once you’ve decided which type of speaker to use and where they will be located, you can move onto choosing the best speaker quality for your needs. Options include:

Component speakers for marine audio

A component speaker is similar to coaxial speakers but with the tweeter separated from the subwoofer to eliminate distortion and produce the highest quality sound.

Coaxial speakers for high-quality sound in your boat

Coaxial speakers are basically one speaker wrapped around another, offering high-quality sound at reasonable prices.

Dual cone speakers for your boat stereo system

One cone for higher frequencies and a larger cone for bass and midrange, which makes it cost-effective but produces a lower quality of sound overall.

Subwoofers and amplifiers for your marine stereo system

Subwoofers aren’t required for your marine audio system, but they can enhance the overall sound quality, especially in situations where only smaller speakers will fit on your boat. Adding a subwoofer under a seat will build on the speaker limitations to add rich texture to the overall sound. Amplifiers are also optional, but in the high-noise environment typical of boats, an amplifier will provide the power boost your favorite tunes deserve.

Marine-specific equipment for your boat speakers in San Diego

As we mentioned above, water, the sun, and salt are the mortal enemies of electronics, so it’s important to choose speakers that are built for marine use. This means they’ll be water resistant, with metallic components coated to withstand corrosion from salty air and UV-tolerant plastic parts to protect against sun damage.

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