Benefits of expert window tinting.

Trust a Window Tint Expert for Tinted Window Installation

It’s easy to see why DIY is such a big trend these days, with dozens of reality shows, thousands of websites, and about a million Pinterest boards dedicated to making things, fixing things, and taking on projects usually reserved for professionals. But despite what online sources might tell you, car window tinting is not something you should do on your own. You might think you’re saving time and money, but believe us—you’re not. Here’s why you should leave window tint installation to the experts:

Window tinting requires special tools and techniques

Even if the DIY tinting kit you purchase comes with tools included, the disposable quality won’t come close to the dependable tools used by professional window tint experts every day. Plus, tinting windows the right way is something of an art. The knowledge, skill, and years of experience of professionals mean a perfect installation every time, without creases, crinkles, air bubbles, or debris. You wouldn’t try painting your car on your own, so why try to tint your own windows?

Professional car window tinting guarantees high-quality materials

DIY window tint kits generally come with lower-quality film than the kind available to professional installers. It’s flimsy and hard to work with, and even if you manage to install it on your own with few mistakes, cheap window film won’t protect your car’s interior from fading and cracking in the long run.

Professional installers are familiar with car window tinting regulations

Tinting regulations, including which windows can be tinted and how dark a tint is allowed, vary from state to state—sometimes cities even have their own added regulations. Professional window tint installers stay up-to-date with all the latest local regulations, which means they can provide high-quality service that doesn’t break any laws. You could always try researching regulations on your own and hoping your DIY kit falls into legal limits, but the CHP won’t accept an honest mistake as an excuse if you’re wrong.

DIY can actually cost more than professional car window tint installation

In addition to the risk of a possible ticket, DIY window tinting can cost you more even if the kit initially costs less than a professional installation job. Amateur installers usually waste huge rolls of tint material during the learning process. Any imperfection means you’ll have to remove the entire tint, and taking the tint off a window is much harder than putting it on. Plus, the low-quality nature of DIY window film means you’ll have to keep replacing it over time until you eventually give up and take it to a professional. So even if that DIY kit price tag looks attractive, it will cost much more than that in the long run.

Professional window tinting for your car is guaranteed

In addition to the 5-year guarantees offered by high-quality window film manufacturers, some top-notch professional window tint installers are so confident in the quality of their materials and service that they offer lifetime guarantees on their work. Not that you’ll probably need it, but it’s good to have the peace of mind knowing that in the event of an imperfect professional installation job, you can always take it back and have it redone. With DIY kits, you’re on your own.

High-quality window tinting in San Diego at Stereo Depot

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