Benefits of car window tinting

The Benefits of Tinted Car Windows in San Diego

Tinted windows look cool—there’s no denying that—but there are also plenty of practical reasons why quality window film is a smart investment for your car. In fact, it’s a wonder more San Diegans don’t do it when tinting can reduce heat transfer by up to 78%—an important thing to remember so close to yet another sweltering summer.

Beating the heat not enough to sway you? Check out this list of impressive (and unexpected!) reasons you should get have tinted car windows.

Tinted Car Windows Save Energy

That reduction in heat transfer we mentioned? It does much more than keep your car from transforming into an oven on hot summer days. A cooler interior means less work on your AC’s part, extending the life of air conditioning systems that aren’t exactly cheap to fix or replace. And less AC use also boosts gas mileage—saving you even more money!

Car Window Tinting Reduces Interior Fading

Tinted film acts like a club bouncer not only to heat, but UV rays as well. Quality film blocks 99% of UV rays, the dastardly villain that fades your dash, seats, and carpets. It also protects your body from the harsh sun, working as sunscreen for your skin and sunglasses for your eyes. You wouldn’t spend a day at the beach without sun protection, right? So why should your car’s interior suffer?

Tinting Your Car Windows Diminishes Hazardous Glare

It only takes a second to make a crash-worthy mistake while driving, which is why distractions and blind spots can be disastrous. Window glare reduces your ability to see clearly and increases your chance of an accident, but tint applied to side and rear windows can help keep your entire field of vision clear.

Tinted Windows Boost Safety and Security

You probably already know that tinted windows can help hide valuables in your car like stereos and GPS systems, but did you know they can actively thwart thieves? The adhesive in window film holds glass together when broken, making it harder to break all the way in. The film also saves your skin from millions of glass shards raining down in the event of an accident—even if you escape with no major injuries, tintless windows mean you may need a lot of Band-Aids.

Tinted Windows Enhance Appearance, Of Course

Varying shades of window film are available at most shops to appeal to almost every taste, including customers who are interested in the benefits listed above but aren’t into dark windows. Then again, dark windows aren’t just for young whippersnappers—older folks often find that adding a nice light tint on any luxury car gives it an extra-classy upgrade.

The Best Window Tinting in San Diego & El Cajon

They say once you’ve owned a car with tinted windows, you’ll never feel the same about one that’s “naked.” Here at Stereo Depot, we can certainly say we’ve had plenty of repeat customers come back every time they get a new car.

Are you still driving around with naked windows? Come on in and let us tint your car windows. With our lifetime warranty on tinting services, we know you’ll feel satisfied (and cool, literally and figuratively)!

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