Stereo Depot Apple CarPlay Installation.

Apple Carplay Installation in San Diego & El Cajon

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Apple CarPlay is one of the latest and greatest innovations to come to car audio in a while. At Stereo Depot, we are Apple CarPlay experts, and we can offer you everything you need to get your iPhone connected to your car stereo system.

What is Apple Carplay?

Apple CarPlay is an amazing way to listen to music, get driving directions, make phone calls and texts and more right from the comfort of your car. Apple CarPlay mirrors your iPhone iOS right on your car video monitor, allowing you to use apps and make calls right on a touchscreen. Gone are the days of using clunky car operating systems to listen to music and make calls, Apple CarPlay takes the straightforward and simplistic design of yo0ur iPhone and mirrors it right on your car tv monitor.

Listen to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Other iPhone Music Apps While Driving

Stereo Depot offers expert Apple Carplay installation. We are a certified Apple Carplay distributer and specializes in installation Apple Carplay in cars. Get directions with a great interface using GPS navigation with Apple Maps.

It has been incredible to see how far technology for listening to music in your car has come. From tape players to CDs to AUX cords to Bluetooth, it has become easier and easier to listen to your favorite music and podcasts in the comfort of your car. However, as amazing as car bluetooth stereo systems are, it can be a bit difficult to navigate. Apple specializes in making iOS as simplistic and easy to use as possible. Cars create bluetooth systems as a nice additional feature. The difference in the details and focus put into generating a useable device is obvious, as Bluetooth Stereo interface is oftentimes difficult to use and master.

Apple Carplay takes the expertise of Apple and transports it from your iPhone screen to a touchscreen monitor in your car. Now you can do many of the amazing things you can do on your phone right on the dashboard of your car in plain sight. Access music apps like Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora or just the iTunes music app with ease.

GPS Navigation With Apple Carplay

One of the big perks of Apple CarPlay is the ability to use and see Apple Maps. Apple Maps uses GPS navigation to give you perfect driving directions to any location in San Diego you choose. Apple CarPlay will display the bright and vibrant Apple Maps app to allow you to see step by step driving directions.

Apple CarPlay and Apple Maps makes driving in San Diego and El Cajon a walk in the park. If you want the best driving directions interface and set up, you need Apple CarPlay.

Receive iPhone Text mEssages and Phone Calls Safely with apple carplay

In California, it is illegal to use your phone while you are driving. This law is meant to make sure drivers are safe and aware of the road around them. However, sometimes a phone call or text comes in that you just cannot ignore. That is where Apple CarPlay comes in.

Apple CarPay is the easiest way to take phone calls and texts on your iPhone. By connecting to the Apple iOS of your iPhone, Apple CarPlay has a clear and easy interface that allows for flawless calls and texts. Apple CarPlay is the best way to operate your phone and communicate with friends, family, and business connections safely in your car.

Apple Carplay Installation IN SAN DIEGO & EL CAJON AT STEREO DEPOT

Stereo Depot offers the best Apple CarPlay installation in San Diego. We have trained experts ready to offers flawless installation with the great customer service you can always expect from Stereo Depot. If you want the best iPhone and iOS compatible music, maps and more, you need Apple CarPlay from Stereo Depot! Give Stereo Depot a call at our San Diego location at (619) 286-1234 or our El Cajon location at (619) 873-2210.